Mate 10 pro BLA-L09 Should i root with FHMate10Tool.exe or TWRP and magisc?

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Dec 12, 2013
Hi all, i successfully unlocked my new mate 10 pro, used the DC-unlocker app buying 4 credits to get the bootloader code
and than following the guite on XDA to unlock.
All worked.

NOW i need to root.
I tried to root with the FHMate10Tool.exe and it worked but i forgot to disable the OTA update so i had to reset again.
I dont need the OTA updates or any system update to show up or to install, it will make me loose root.

So should i use the FHMate10Tool.exe and freeze the update service with titanium backup or root with twrp and magisc ?
Thank you !
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Aug 28, 2020
Hello, I might not be able to answer your question but I am interested in asking you a few questions, what build number was your phone on when you used dc-unlocker?
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