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Max Payne is out!!! Optimized for Tegra 3 as a bonus!!

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Feb 21, 2011
I already posted this to other thread, but let's post it here too.
With USB controller, everything else works other than shooting. Makes the game a bit hard. :D Is there any way to fix this? Maybe map the controls other way? The USB/BT joystick app doesn't see my controller, but it works fine in the other games.


Senior Member
Mar 13, 2009
I really like it so far, brings back good memories playing this game for the PS1 back in the day! Controls work well, I didnt have to make any adjustments to them, I had to turn the brightness up a bit though in the settings. Overall, well worth the $3.00 asking price.


Senior Member
Feb 13, 2010
How come I can't start a game? Everytime I try and press New Game or Tutorial it loads Rockstar Social Club and I cant figure out how to get any further?

I have rebooted already!


Senior Member
Dec 10, 2011
I'm getting screen flickering with this game. I'm getting flickering in Shadowgun THD, and Mass Effect Infiltrator too though.
Maybe my live wallpaper is causing it, but I don't know.


Senior Member
Apr 7, 2010
Alexandria, Va
RockStar hit a home run with this game. I am very impressed with the graphics(with everything in video cut on or to the Max). Really good graphics. Looks way better than what I remember playing it back in the day. Love the story line. I forgot all about they killed his wife n child. I made it to the subway, first part then saved. Will get more into the game later tonight.

Also this game played fine, so far, on this new build I'm testing. No issues at all. Games like this, ShadowGun, & sonic 2 are the reason of love the tegra3 chipset so much. Nvidia is really smart giving us these exclusive optimized versions. It makes people want a tegra3 tablet. Tegra3 tablets are the best. Can't wait to see what tegra4 with likely keplar based gpu will bring. With games like these,I don't need a console system. Plus the games are alot cheaper ;)

I'm now ready for Bladeslinger, that zombie fps, and any other tegra3 optimized game. I gotta have em all..lol. make sure to play this game, or any other game, with superips+ on. I have it at lowest setting usually. It makes the games, colors, details, display pop more. Its so much better with this mode on.


Senior Member
Jun 23, 2007
I've purchased all the high end games that has come out thus far but somehow I'm holding back on this one. Probably because I've already played it so many times back in the days. Everything's identical to the pc version even his face lol. Intro is exactly the same. I'm really glad though that game developers are recognizing android now and putting out high end games close to or at the same time as the ipad versions.

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    Max Payne is now out an optimized for Tegra 3 with improved graphics and lighting! Enjoy!


    - HD graphics
    - High-resolution textures
    - Social Club connectivity
    - User-customizable controls
    - Gamepad support for select USB controllers.
    I'm getting screen flickering with this game. I'm getting flickering in Shadowgun THD, and Mass Effect Infiltrator too though.
    Maybe my live wallpaper is causing it, but I don't know.

    Try a fresh reboot, then try it again. if that doesn't help, follow mythread below for a quick fix.

    Its definitely worth buying for the prime. Just to see in person how well the game looks and plays. There's nothing like playing the classics. I'd love to play an updated version of Silent Hill or Doom. I mean tegra3 optimized versions. I love survival horror games. Maybe even Parasite Eve or Clockwork tower. Sega needs to stop b.s.n and bring us the Shenmue saga and Panzar Dragon. What ever happened to phantasy star online that was coming to Android? We need more top notch games..lol.

    When is that new streetfighter on android going to finally support Prime? I'm still dying to play that one.

    Stop talking me into buying the game damn it. Haha. They should port Resident Evil THD version on our Primes. That I will buy again.

    I have played Sf4 (if thats the version you're referring to) but not on the Prime. It's cool but your buttons are limited and cannot be customized. And it is fun playing against friends on bluetooth but wish it supported online multiplayer just like the iphone/ipad version. The excitement on that game wears out quick since it's so limited.