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    Thanks to the OP for this effort.

    Anyone having May patched img?
    Thanks. Much appreciated.
    Added 13.0.0 (TQ2A.230505.002, May 2023)
    Thanks to the OP for this effort.

    Anyone having May patched img?
    Thanks. Much appreciated.
    FYI It was patched with Magisk 26.1 stable.
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    Hello šŸ˜Š

    I would like to start a thread with all the stock and magisk patched Boot Images for the Pixel 6 Pro and it's updates.

    I'll try to keep this up to date and always use the latest Magisk Stable for patching new images.

    Download Google Drive:


    13.0.0 (TQ2A.230505.002, May 2023)
    13.0.0 (TQ2A.230405.003.E1, Apr 2023)
    13.0.0 (TQ2A.230305.008.E1, Mar 2023)
    13.0.0 (TQ1A.230205.002, Feb 2023)
    13.0.0 (TQ1A.230105.002, Jan 2023)
    13.0.0 (TQ1A.221205.011, Dec 2022)
    13.0.0 (TP1A.221105.002, Nov 2022)
    13.0.0 (TP1A.221005.002, Oct 2022)
    13.0.0 (TP1A.220905.004, Sep 2022)
    13.0.0 (TP1A.220624.021, Aug 2022)
    12.1.0 (SQ3A.220705.003, Jul 2022)
    12.1.0 (SQ3A.220605.009.B1, Jun 2022)
    12.1.0 (SP2A.220505.002, May 2022)
    12.1.0 (SP2A.220405.004, Apr 2022)
    12.1.0 (SP2A.220305.013.A3, Mar 2022)
    12.0.0 (SQ1D.220205.004, Feb 2022)
    12.0.0 (SQ1D.220205.003, Feb 2022)

    I am not responsible for what you do with your device. I only upload and/or patch the provided boot images.
    Thank you for trying to keep this up to date.

    Please mind though, everyone, that using someone else's magisk patched boot images can result in problems. It's unlikely, but it has happened - @topjohnwu recommends to always patch the image yourself.
    Additionally, you also won't be able to restore the stock boot image via Uninstall or update via the "Install to Inactive Slot" method in Magisk because there will be no stock boot image that is backed up by Magisk since you didn't patch the boot image on your own device.

    Just something for people to keep in mind.
    Thank you for trying to keep this up to date.

    Please mind though, everyone, that using someone else's magisk patched boot images can result in problems. It's unlikely, but it has happened - @topjohnwu recommends to always patch the image yourself.
    Corruption issues don't just appear "out of nowhere"; it's usually user error of some sort, except in Googles case where they messed up their own factory images, lol.
    When I say "These corruption issue seem to come out of nowhere...", I was specifically referring to what the user I was replying to was experiencing. They said all they did was remove the -w from the flash-all.bat file and updated. They then got into a bootloop with the corruption message. There does not appear to be any user error in this instance and it doesn't appear that Google messed up the April factory image thus their problem seemingly "came out of nowhere". In other words, it doesn't appear the user did anything wrong, yet still experienced a problem that would not normally be expected, thus "coming out of nowhere".
    Folks just need to be careful in flashing their own image files and disabling Magisk modules to ensure they don't mess up their devices. If you do these things and always follow the updated OP, you should never have any issues.

    Disabling verity and vbmeta is not something normal users need to ever worry about, unless you're a developer building your own ROM or doing some sort of debugging. Those options were only mandatory for prior versions of Magisk because it hadn't been updated to support the latest A12 / P6 and its architecture.
    There have been plenty of instances in a variety of situations, including just updating via flash-all, updating via OTA delta, updating via OTA "Install to Inactive Slot", updating to certain Canary versions of Magisk, flashing kernels on certain versions of Magisk, etc., where people have still experienced the corrupt message post Canary 23016 (the version that fixed the initial problem of not being able to boot with a Magisk-patched boot image in December). Even when people have followed updated OPs and have been careful these issues have sometimes occurred. Just look through the threads. Of course, that's not to say that if you don't disable verity and verification you will have problems. There are plenty of instances, even the majority of instances, where people have not disabled those flags and have had no problems. However, there are plenty of examples where people still continue to get the corruption message to this day, for whatever reason, as evidence by the experience of the user I was replying to.

    And of course not disabling Magisk mods before updating has been a problem for people. And of course sometimes people aren't careful when flashing. But this does not account for all the corruption errors people have experienced. As stated above, there have been a number of different scenarios where people have ran into the corruption message that have nothing to do with not being careful or not disabling Magisk mods.

    Here's just a few quotes from the developer of the Kirisakura kernel posted well after Canary 23016 was released:

    "Some users ran into the device is corrupted message for a quite a while now. It not only happens when flashing a, but in the end it seems related to a problem with verity/vbmeta and magisk. I think itĀ“s related to keeping verity/verification enabled (not disabling the vbmeta flags via fastboot) and something just gets scrambled. Check the forums there are a few threads with plenty of cases."

    "But given all the issues some people run into, when they end up with the device is corrupted message (seems also to happen when flashing/updating just factory images without the involvement of anything else, at least what I saw in the guide threads) there still seems to be something wonky."

    "The issues some users are getting unfortunately have nothing to do with the kernel. ItĀ“s a mixture of google having some problems with the corruption thingy themselves as they revealed in the patchnotes
    (March 2022) and the other issues are due to magisk canary being experimental canary builds."

    Also, if you glance through the Pixel 6 series threads where people have had the corruption message, almost invariably the people that do get this corruption message have not kept verity and verification disabled. The above kernel developer (as well as myself) continues to keep verity and verification disabled to this day because of the continuing problems that those who don't keep it disabled may run in to.

    Furthermore, the corruption message does appear to relate to a dm-verity corruption.

    dm-verity corruption​

    Example RED eio screen:

    Red eio device warning screen

    Show a RED eio screen if a valid version of Android is found and the device is currently in the eio dm-verity mode

    I'll also give you a couple of examples where disabling verity and verification have helped prevent getting the corruption message:

    1. When Canary 24303 was released, many, if not all, people using a custom kernel and updated to this Canary version couldn't boot and got the corruption message. Almost invariably it was only those people who had verity and verification disabled that did not get the corruption message. Those who had verity and verification enabled did get the corruption message.

    2. When Canary 24304 was released many people got bootloops and experienced the corruption message while having multiple modules installed, including audio mods. Again, almost invariably those who had verity and verification disabled did not get the corruption message.

    The above problems were fixed in Canary 24305.

    Folks will say "but it doesn't hurt anything", yet they still end up with issues at some point because they forgot those tags were disabled during some sort of mod they were setting up on their device.

    Just...stop using those tags if they aren't needed and you know why you're disabling them in the first place. It'll save you headaches down the road.
    In fact, I know exactly why I personally keep verity and verification disabled. When people run into the corruption problem, often times the only way to make it disappear is to do a full wipe or clean flash. There have been other instances where people have been able to get rid of that message, such as reverting to an older monthly build, reverting to an older boot image and then updating that boot image, and on occasion just waiting for the next monthly build and then updating. How you got the corrupt message also appears to be relevant in the manner in which you make it disappear. But just going through the threads you'll see that in many, many instances the only way people could get rid of that corruption messages was to do a full wipe or clean flash.

    Thus, the reason I personally keep verity and verification disabled is to prevent getting the corruption message in the first place, thus avoiding having to do the steps described above to get rid of the message. And I've described 2 of the situations above where having these flags disabled did in fact help to prevent getting the corruption message. If you go through the threads you'll also see that in almost every instance where people were getting the corruption message, those in the same situation who had the flags disabled did not get the corruption message.

    And to my knowledge, I have not seen any issues from anyone I know who continue to keep these flags disabled. Maybe you know of instances where keeping these flags disabled have caused issues? If so, I would appreciate you pointing these out to me.

    Again, I'm not saying that disabling those flags is needed, but it can help to prevent getting the corruption message and avoiding the steps described above to get rid of that message. So while you think you are saving me from "headaches down the road", I have actually prevented headaches for myself by keeping verity and verification disabled. To each their own...
    I just flashed the April update 3 times on this update and it fails and leaves me bricked every time, Be careful!
    I updated to April via flash-all with no problems. Rooted with the latest Canary (24305). What process did you use? Did you disable any mods you have beforehand?

    EDIT: Maybe you should try patching your own boot image instead of using the one provided to see if that works?