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[Media App] Time Lapse for Android • Lapse It


New member
Dec 9, 2011
Hi guys, I want to present you a brand new version of Lapse It written from scratch and now it's NATIVE, you can capture really astonishing time-lapse videos with your device :)

For those who don't know, Time-Lapse is a photograph technique that is useful when you are trying to capture gradually changing events, such as growing plants, the movement of clouds, or the rising and setting of the sun. When played back at standard frame rates, events occur rapidly onscreen and otherwise undetectable patterns emerge, and that's what Lapse It allows you and your phone to do.

You can download it for free in Android Market, or you can visit our website and have more information at lapseit.com


• New native version written from scratch
• Powerful rendering engine based on LibAV
• Well designed UI improving visual and usability
• Capture resolution up to 720P on the full version
• Cool effects applied while capturing or before rendering
• Capture timer based on time or frames
• Render as MP4, MOV or FLV
• No restrictions for capture length or frames
• Video trimmer
• Easily adjustable settings
• Upload directly to YouTube, Facebook and many others

Some screenshots:

QR Code:

A promotional video:

Thanks and I hope you enjoy !
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New member
Nov 20, 2010
i installed the app towards the end of the day so I didnt get much time to play with it when I had light. I have my car dock attached to my window to catch the sunrise in the morning. i'll let you know how it turns out.


New member
Feb 7, 2011
Really awesome app. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and it was totally worth it.

It does take a long time to render stop motion movies but that's understandable.

It has a lot of very useful options, is very intuitive and easy to use and produces beautiful results.

If you want to see some results just go to youtube and search for "lapse it video". There are plenty of options to watch.

Congratulations on a very good app!


New member
Feb 5, 2012
This is a must have even if I dont like to capture pics!

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thnx for sharing


New member
May 13, 2010
This is a great app, made a few videos with it, but I dont have a tripod for my SG2 so i am stuck filming from up against my window. Looking to get some kind of stand before continuing.
a nice feature to have with music editing would be to have a fade in/out option. couldnt find any apps on the market that do it. Also the audio I added to one video seemed to loose quality on the encode.
sum of my attempts

Thanks for your work on this app, liking the regular updates as well.
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