MetaTrader 4 Black Gold 2020 Custom Android PLUS TUTORIAL

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Dec 27, 2015
Hello friends, i really wanted trading in dark mode, so i created mt4 blackgold, because i cant find any...

Here is the tutorial, to remind myself in the future
1. Use APK Editor
2. Open full editor for ALL FILES and open the Smali option

Replacing White with Black and vice versa
3. Search for .... And replace with ....
  • 000000" .... bbbbbb"
  • 000000< .... bbbbbb<
  • ffffff" .... 222222"
  • ffffff< .... 222222<
4. Search for ... And replace with a trick with ....

5. Build your app and INSTALL (you might have to uninstall the original app) and RUN IT
6. Find any color errors you dont like
7. Screenshot (remember to turn off any eye filter)
8. Find the color code with Photoshop Touch or PixelLab
9. Open the new installed app again and search for your desired color
10. Find the color code again
11. Then find color error and replace with desired color like before
12. Build
13. Repeat the evaluating step


  • gen_signed.apk
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Nov 22, 2020
Thank you for this!

Been searching the whole internet for this! :good: I'm wondering is it possible to make the tablet mode texts white/blue color? the current one is blending in with the background