MHL USB Adapter Support?

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Hello everyone. Within a month of receiving my tablet last year, I (or someone else using the tablet) somehow managed to damage one of the pins in the USB port and it no longer works. However, while researching the GNExus (I intend to purchase it soon) I began to wonder if the MHL Adapters for USB OTG will work with the Iconia? If anyone can confirm if it works or not I will greatly appreciate it. Here's a link to one that I intend to buy for the GNExus.

Thanks in advance!


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Aug 19, 2009
Leland, NC
Did you ever figure this out? I've had the a500 for awhile, just got the Nexus, picked up mhl adapter at same time. Would be slick if it works for a500 as-is, though I wouldn't be surprised if the micro-hdmi is much better to use...

Need to just get a micro-hdmi cable...


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I think you misunderstood. I was referring to the USB OTG adapters. I did take the risk and buy one and unfortunately it doesn't work with the A500. Nothing I plug into it gets any power. Tried it with a friends HTC One X and it didn't seem to work there either. Not sure if it was supposed to work on the One X though.

Basically, it could just be a faulty cable, but it could also mean that it just isn't supported. Couldn't hurt to try if you already have one though :p

I already have a Micro-HDMI cable that I bought on Amazon a while ago. Works great and at $5 its a worthwhile investment :)

I'm running ****'s ICS ROM v158 based on Android 4.0.4 if it makes any difference.

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