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Question mi 11 pro - from eu rom+twrp to chinese original stock rom with the fastboot loader

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Apr 20, 2015
Hello friends ,
I need your help because I'm already lost , openning many threads , and I dont know what to do.
I have mi11 Pro with eu rom+ TWRP bootloader. the boot loader is unloacked.
I dont know what I did, but I played with the settings of the phone and the TWRP and currently the phone is running with the eu rom , but I can not install a new rom because the TWRP does not recognize the zip file of the rom .
i tried to fix the problem in the twrp , but failed .
All I want at the moment is to go back to the original Chinese stock rom of the device as on the day I took it out of the box along with the fastboot recovery, so that I ll be able later to install any rom .
Is this process possible without causing a brick to the device?
Is there a link to the original Chinese stock rom with its fastboot recovery and how to install it without using TWRP?
thnx a lot


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