Question Mi 11 ultra no 5G cellular network [ stock global ]

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Oct 19, 2008
Hello everyone,
I've just upgrade my plan to have 5G support, but the phone does't pick it up ( the carrier says it's ok )..
I also searched manually for networks and I find every network even from other provider but NOT a single one with 5G.

obviously I am in a 5G area, center of Milan, and sim slot 1 ( but I recall that was dual 5G, no? )

It's a bug, broken or I played with some setting disabling 5G?

EDIT: SEEMS LIKE THAT switching preferred types, airplane mode, while outdoor made the phone to connect t o a 5G antenna...

funny note, it's slower that 3g: 5.69mps/0.59mbps
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Sep 26, 2010
Try to reset apn configuration and all kind of connection, then switch off the phone for 1 minute and reswitch it on

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