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Jun 10, 2019
It's not "safe" for two reasons: you'll need to wipe data (will bootloop to recovery if not) and you must remain bootloader unlocked while having a ROM different from the original device region (else softbrick only solvable by EDL)...

Never heard of any issues with persist on the Mi11U - which doesn't mean there may be some somewhere :D
I see. Alright then. Perhaps i might as well just take up the CN models. Thanks

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    If someone needs, here you can download official ROMs for MI11 ULTRA


    Mi 11 Ultra GlobalStableRecoveryV12.0.1.0.RKAMIXM11.03.2 GB2021-04-08Download
    Mi 11 Ultra GlobalStableFastbootV12.0.1.0.RKAMIXM11.05.6 GB2021-03-31Download

    Mi 11 Ultra EEAStableRecoveryV12.0.3.0.RKAEUXM11.03.3 GB2021-04-07Download
    Mi 11 Ultra IndiaStableRecoveryV12.0.2.0.RKAINXM11.03.3 GB2021-04-07Download
    Mi 11 Ultra IndiaStableFastbootV12.0.2.0.RKAINXM11.04.3 GB2021-03-24Download
    Mi 11 Ultra EEAStableFastbootV12.0.3.0.RKAEUXM11.05.5 GB2021-03-23Download

    Can I flash the 12.0.1 global rom to my 12.5.2 Chinese version via fastboot, knowing that i have the Mi11 pro?
    No, you WILL brick the device. Do not downgrade. I suggest flashing latest stable from No features are missing, L1 is there, multi language support is there, no chinese bloatware, full google support.
    I just updated to 12.5.4 stable from 12.5.2 CN stable without any issues through the stock Updater by installing the Incremental update posted. It was 190MB in size:

    I've only had the update for a few minutes but the camera quality right off the bat seems way better. Zoom seems a lot more stable and much improved. The ultrawide has slightly less distortion and soft corners now from what I'm seeing. I will take some more photos when I go outside later.

    12.5.4 is supposed to bring a nice amount of camera improvements (they said 13 in total), especially in low light, zoom, ultrawide angle's barrel distortion and more as shown here:




    I tried yesterday going from the Chinese to global kept getting bunch of errors and than it got stuck in fastboot ended up going back to the Chinese one, I just don't understand what happened flashing back to the Chinese one only took one try but trying any of the other two the global and Eu just got errors like image don't match device, or couldn't load sparse or flashing timed out... Any ideas will be appreciated.. thanks in advance...
    In addition to what has already been written: I would think the anti rollback mechanism hit. Chinese is 12.5.x whereas the others are (to my knowledge) 12.0.x....
    I would advise to install the Xiaomi.EU custom ROM which is based on the Chinese ROM but with lot of customizations, including full western language support... That way you would get best of both :)
    I want to try global rom because of battery life. With eu rom i only get 4 - 4.30 hours sot. It seems so low for me.