Question Mi 11 Ultra ROM flashing problem

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May 15, 2021
I have a major problem with my new Mi 11 Ultra and wondered if anyone had any suggestions at all.

My problem is, I purchased a Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra direct from China, and, after unlocking I then I tried to update the ROM to the EU version, it then into a mode where it would only boot into "Fastboot Mode" ,and, nothing else, so I was advised to try to flash the Rom to the original China version using the Xiaomi flask tool, it did then boot into a slighlty different mode, but, when I run the flash programme it says it is flashing, but, just sits there counting away the seconds, but, doing nothing even after 4 hours, I have tried it several times with the same issue, not really sure if theres anything that can be done or if its a dustbin job!

Any suggestions would be apreciated.


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