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Question Mi 11 Ultra user guide/camera guide?

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Senior Member
Jan 9, 2011
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
Well I just installed EU MIUI 12.6 21.7.7 beta and it seems to work well. Camera lag at high zoom factors is very low which is a great improvement.

I noticed that in Camera/More Night Time Lapse has disappeared. Possibly because it wasn't any good? lol.

Any road up, I can't find a user guide for the camera so I'll write my own....




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May 9, 2019
Huawei P40 Pro
Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra
Just flashed 21.7.7 EU weekly on mine as well and it's all smooth sailing so far too.

I haven't noticed much changes in terms of photo and video quality since the change log rarely mentions camera improvements but I have a good feeling and like to be optimistic that they're there every now and again - it is newer than CN stable after all and I have mentioned what I saw right away earlier.

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    Ok next up is daytime time lapse.

    To use it you open the camera, choose More and Time-lapse.

    On the left of the screen,you get a timer icon and if you touch this, you get speed and duration options. For the duration, you can choose a set time, or infinity so it will record forever, or until your storage is full.

    For the speed, you can set it from 4x to 180x. I tried a time lapse of the clouds at 4x, but the speed was not fast enough for what I wanted, but 30x was just dandy.

    So I think the speed setting is a multiplier for the output speed, so 4x is 4x faster than normal etc.

    Tonight it's a night mode time lapse. To access this, you choose more/movie effects/ Night Time lapse ( I think! )

    Anyway, I'll post up when I have some results :)


    Hi All

    Has anyone a link to a user guide for the phone? I didn't get a paper one and although I can use a phone and install apps with ease, there are lots and lots of camera features which I'm finding out by experimentation.

    I've emailed Xiaomi, but don't expect an answer and couldn't find the user guide on the Xiaomi site. For example, I didn't find the macro setting much use, but 5x zoom in Photo mode works MUCH better.

    Thanks for reading...


    ps I did a couple of timings and did the following:

    1) Charge up to 100% and play the "Norwegian Train Ride" video on YouTube.
    The phone lsted 11.5 hours before turning off.

    2) Charged it back up to 100% with the 67W charger (that USB cable is thick!)
    It took 50 minutes to charge back up to 100%
    Well slap me with a wet kipper! Xiaomi UK did reply with a link, but it's only a generic manual how to make phone calls,etc. if it's any use to anyone it's here:

    I've contacted them again asking for a user guide for the camera so wait and see.

    Cheers Steve
    Look on YouTube #shootlikeapro Xiaomi did some videos on the options in the camera.
    Hi @justintime thanks for your reply. I took a look on Youube but I think most of the shootlikeapro videos are for other xiaomi phones.

    I'll carry on experimenting (guessing) and report what I find here in case it helps anyone else.

    So far I've found this:

    The macro mode isn't much different to normal mode and my Note10 is much better than the Ultra. However, using the 2x or 5x zoom instead works very well.

    Night mode is amazing! Night pics look like daylight pics :)

    Next up I'm going to play with time lapse and night mode time lapse so I'll post up here.


    Oh yes, my note10 pro took 8 seconds to post-process a night picture and the Ultra takes 3 seconds. Snapdragon 888. num num num. :)
    Ok I'm stuck. I can't find out how to do night video that's any good. The ROM update didn't help so if anyone knows how to do it, please let me know so I can stop buggering about.



    So two things I've noticed that have helped improve my night mode video recording from initial testing so far is to turn off AI mode and if possible, use a handheld tripod/stabilizer if you have one. Seems to help a lot in both 1080p and 4k 30fps.