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Mar 16, 2016
Didn't know that, where is that setting for IR?
So far I'd only found Urnyx05 as having the dual lens support.
I did not change anything out of the box after installing the apk. Very clearly on the screen, the rear lens has a toggle switch 1x and 1.7x, and the front lens has a toggle switch for 1x and 1.1x (aka IR).


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May 20, 2008
Yep, I see that now, I thought I'd installed it but there are so many versions with slight variations that it's confusing ! I activated "Motion Pictures" and "Tracking Focus" but these options don't seem to work, do they work for you ? I like that it has "Auto Night Sight" too.

So looking at my "wishlist" again :

- availability of Lens 1x and 2x : Urnyx05 and MGC_8.1.101_A9_GVv_MGC.
- astrophotography that doesn't crash and let's you view pics in Google Photos - OK with Parrot's 7.0.009 final
- tracking focus - OK with MGC 7.4.104
- motion pictures - OK with MGC 7.4.104
- slow motion a bonus but not a requirement - OK with Parrot's 7.0.009 final (1/8 only)
Bonus : IR from front lens : MGC_8.1.101_A9_GVv_MGC.
- Bonus : Auto Night Sight : MGC_8.1.101_A9_GVv_MGC.

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    Under the great efforts of developers like B-S-G, Arnova8G2, cstark27, xtrme and so on, our device xiaomi mi8 is able to acquire excellent pictures as what pixel 3 & 3XL can do. Let me make some conclusions on this thread.

    The most flawless versions are from B-S-G, which are named like "MGC_6.1.021_MI8_V2b.apk", many developers use B-S-G versions as a base and add more features or compabilities. B-S-G versions can accessed in a telegram channel.

    GC(Mi8) by B-S-G
    Here you can find port GCam specially for Xiaomi Mi 8.
    Download telegram and join the channel above, you can find latest version and instructions.

    The other versions are not intended to work on mi8, but you can also try it by yourself. In my experience, some of them DO NOT WORK on MIUI roms.
    You can download them by the link: [url]https://www.celsoazevedo.com/files/android/google-camera/[/URL]

    For the fresh users of google camera, here are some settings recommended by B-S-G. They are just an basic instructions, if you have higher demands it is better to change the settings by yourself.
    Hi Everyone :)

    I haven't seen this brought up yet, so I'd like to bring to your attention, that Pixel 3 includes camera drivers of: IMX363
    Not sure if this would lead any benefit for us, or even if it worth a shot.
    Things to look for: YUV support, Camera HAL3, Performance(?)(64bit)/Better Gcam support.

    On our devices, Xiaomi is using 32bit libs, while on Pixel 3 it is 64bits. In earlier days, we used to upgrade our Ardeno Drivers by replacing the files (1:1), this approach didn't work on Miui Rom. I hope someone who is more knowledeged than me could shed some info or even try getting it worked. This might be easier on AOSP ROMs than MIUI, but you are up to decide.

    Pixel 3XL (Vendor img): https://mega.nz/#!UkQmzS4A!9RM9cETi-0EpbTU6MBD26xkxbMXRSI-u3y8p4hU4u6M
    Pixel 3XL (Camera libs) https://mega.nz/#!5wAQxA6T!lA6toWEp4Z-L2K33p8_sUVU7jvQn4PpGN-YlBDObpew

    Mix 3 (Vendor img): https://mega.nz/#!Y0Y0DSJL!JvC4AeSxrI58dJ7NxzlG8FbzGCn9rRZLd0QwXtjUCXE
    Mix 3 (Camera libs): https://mega.nz/#!Z1QmWK5A!XDLNQyAAJJgYQSm-AfYYD1F9HUpnpFS9C2rXTUFDLrU
    Mi 8 (Camera libs): https://mega.nz/#!R9omXQ5Q!p6MTuyAZRZqWOFntZR_ixWi6oXdspz8Y7G3ivdsALy0

    This might interests: @bgcngm, @CosmicDan, @phhusson, @infrag, @sannn111ty, @defcomg

    Note: Be aware that extracted file, had their file permissions stripped.

    @Mods: Kindly, if OP doesn't mind leave this post here.
    Best Gcam version best configuration

    After having been defending the San1ty 6.2 Mi845-V4a.apk version for several months I have seen that it has been improved by a new one, the version: Sant1ty´sF1v9.4a

    The Link: https://f.celsoazevedo.com/file/cfil...4a_6.2.030.apk

    I have tried all of San1ty since they came out and I have to say that in image quality it is the same as the other one that I have commented, but this new one surpasses it in the following:

    1) The theme of the Zoom (Force ON Super Res), where once it is zoomed when taking the photo it improves the quality a lot, so much so that at the same increase (X2) of the MIUI camera surpasses it. The Zoom x2 of the MIUI is surpassed by this zoom that has the new Gcam and everthing else.The zoom of this new version of the Gcam is not optical but it almost seems (Google algorithm madness).

    The zoom was not good in the Mi845-V4a.

    2) Compression of the photos ... is incredible but the photos still occupy much less than the 6.2 Mi845-V4a.apk ... which is quite an achievement.
    If we compare the photos of the camera MIUI vs Mi845-V4a vs F1v9.4a there is a barbarity of difference, but the best thing that even when zooming to the maximum in the photos does not see any
    difference, even looking at them on the computer and comparing them to the maximum of the increase. Both Gcams outperform the standard in quality / HDR / saturation ... even occupying much less. Seriously
    Do the tests yourself and you will see that in this case, that the photo occupies more Mb, does not mean better quality at all. I don't know how the hell they do it, but it's amazing. And please do not tell me that in 200%-300% crop you see the compression artifacts as someone told me last one, because it´s totally :silly:


    Photo 1: MIUI: 6.88Mb Gcam Mi845-V4a (compressed): 3.24Mb Gcam F1v9.4a: 2.18Mb
    Photo 2: MIUI: 5.01Mb Gcam Mi845-V4a (compressed): 1.94Mb Gcam F1v9.4a: 1.61Mb
    Photo 3: MIUI: 5.82Mb Gcam Mi845-V4a (compressed): 2.34Mb Gcam F1v9.4a: 1.68Mb

    In the screenshots I will put the best configuration, after having done many tests and comparing more than 120photos (MIUI / Gcam previous / Gcam new)

    Important: Always leave the HDR in "enhanced" and not activated, since the enhancend is much better "!! This you have to activate right at the top when you are going to take the picture.

    Best regards
    Urnyx 1.8 is working great on Xiaomi Mi 8 - here is example of my astrophotography.
    So, we can expect a properly working Google camera port soon enough. Hopefully

    Mishaal Rahman

    For those of you with the Xiaomi Mi 8, B-S-G (the Ukrainian developer on 4PDA, AKA the guy who started the Google Camera port craze) just got a Mi 8 and is starting to work on it.