Mi 8 Lite Bootloop.... ANY HELP APPRECIATED

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Hi all,

I have a Xiaomi Mi 8 lite (China ROM). Before Xiaomi disabled Google services entirely on the new miui versions, I had installed them myself as they are not pre installed. However, after miui 12.5.1 they stopped working (and without knowing they had effectively blocked Google services from being installed on China ROMs) I thought the version I installed had become outdated and hence stopped working. I deleted some Google service frameworks and was going to reinstall newer versions but then after a while the phone turned off and is in a Bootloop now. It doesn't get past the miui logo when turning on. Unfortunately I haven't unlocked the bootloader or enabled usb debugging (lesson learned 😒) - is there any way I can either reflash a stock/custom ROM and/or recover my data?

Thanks to anyone who replies to this post and am happy to send photos of the phone if needed👍