Mi A1 Port

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Oct 28, 2010
This question is mainly for the devs or people who are well versed in the world of Android OS.

Is it possible to port Android One to our phone, the Mi 5?

Or would you get the same experience as when flashing Lineage OS?



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Jun 17, 2017
If you read the last part of my post, I wanted to know if the experience would be just the same as flashing Lineage OS. My phone hasn't been recovery- unlocked yet and wanted to know more about other OS before diving in.

No, it wouldn't, LOS is a based on a different branch, so it isn't pure AOSP at it's core.

You would get that experience you want (similar to stock Mi A1's) with JDCTeam AOSP, but I do recommend AEX ;)

You can install MIUI cam in all of them.