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Mi Cloud Backup not working

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Mar 23, 2016
Since my phone has been updated to Android 10, Mi Cloud Backup has not worked once, either by schedule or by manual operation. It gets to 5% and then hangs, saying "5% Backing Up..." indefinitely until the phone is rebooted.

It's a completely standard phone running MIUI Global 11.0.6 but has been doing this for months on previous software versions. I foolishly deleted the last successful backup in an effort to see if that will resolve the issue but it didn't and now I don't have any backup for this device.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Or have any suggestions as to how to resolve it? I don't want to perform a factory reset to resolve this issue as the hassle of setting the phone back up from scratch (without a backup to reinstall) is more aggro than the issue I'm trying to resolve.

It's not an issue with my MI account as I have a second MI phone (my old Mi Max 2) that still backs up to Mi Cloud without issue, and I have plenty of cloud space left.



Senior Member
Aug 15, 2012
Xiaomi Mi Max 3
I have a similar problem with my Mi Max 3. However, this backup moves to 94% quickly, then sits there for about 20 seconds. It then fails with a message "Connection was interrupted. Try again".

The sync data works for the Gallery, Messaging, Call log, etc, but it always fails with the Home Screen backup.


May 19, 2013
I am also facing same issue ..I have two mi phones in which same account is there ..in both mobiles it's not working ..one is note 5 pro and one is note 8 pro ..it goes till 99 percent then says connection interruted ..why is this happening ..pls help ..last update is decmber 2020 ..after that it's not happening ...and in my mi max mobile back is taking place ..that is different mi account ..and I have cloud subrciption of 50gb ..pls help and email me if anyone has solution ..thanks guys