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*** Disclaimer
I am not responsible for any damage you made to your device
You have been warned

Clean installation:
  • Flash android 13 compatible recovery
  • Make sure you have MIUI Global on your device.
  • Flash rom
  • Format data
  • Reboot

ROM: https://github.com/ArrowOS/android_manifest
Kernel: Our Dev Group



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i have the same bug that i got with all the others roms that i have found on this forum, when I use the fingerprint sensor it max out the brightness of my device. I really want to use custom roms but it's the same every time😥😥
Did you use proper firmware?
Plus you can erase vendor, system, system_ext, product, boot and install again
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Sep 22, 2012
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I've already tried to flash 13.0.4 but no luck... I don't know why, MIUI works fine without any bug but every cutom ROM I've tried have the same bug on my device.
Its not only on your device, this bug is on every custom ROM, FOD not working properly (brightness max, when use), its not so big problem, but its not nice and i can't ignore it, so, original ROM is better in this case. Arrow is perfect, nice, clean and very good working ROM, better than MIUI, but FOD problem is very uncomfortable.


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May 13, 2023
Review after 1 month, this ArrowOS ROM work almost perfectly, it's extremly fast and light, I've rooted it with Magisk and didn't got any issue EXEPT that the camera crash everytime I take a photo (the photo is still taken tho) or record a video. It's only with the Android camera.
If someone now how to fix it I will be glad to know. Exept that the best ROM i've tested for my device

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