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Oct 9, 2012
Im a bit confused about version of this phone,
There is china version K40 Pro+ 108MPix Samsung S5KHM2, SD888 12GB/256
There is china version K40 Pro 64MPix Sony IMX686, SD888 8GB/128GB

And in Poland (official distribution) i can buy Mi 11i with SD888 but 8GB/256GB and 108MPix (maybe S5KM2 i dont know)
What this strange model in poland is?? not K40 Pro and not K40Pro+?


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Dec 12, 2016
Yes the K40 Pro + has an additional 4gb RAM but bands are set to China bands. Mi11i (send link please) is supposed to support more countries but I never saw it released - same source code: haydn-r-oss at Xiaomi open source GitHub. I believe same phone more band support otherwise they are the same specs. Audio zoom for pictures may be an OS addition or something they added to Mi11i only.

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    Mi11i and K40 Pro+ are the same (just a minor difference in RAM). K40 Pro (with 64 mõ camera) is China exclusive for the time being.