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Mibox 3 on Android 9 suddenly restarting while playing videos

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Jul 28, 2020
Hello everybody.
I've been having this problem for over a year now. I have a MiBox 3, it's the 2018 model I think. The problem is when I'm playing a video from external storage on MX Player, all of the sudden, the MiBox restarts. It's completely random. One time, I did a factory reset, installed the few apps I use and the very next day, restart in the middle of a video. But another time, after several reinstalls, the MiBox lasted 4 weeks without restarts.
I tried everything to fix this:
1.- Different versions of MX Player: official and modded versions, old, new, different settings, you name it. Different video players work but they're crap next to MX, they don't have the functions I need. I don't use versions past 1.32 because there are a couple of implementations they did I don't like and it's impossible to change them on TV, only in mobile devices.
2. Allow and block internet access: for some reason if I disable WiFi the MiBox lasts longer without restart than connected. But eventually it always restarts. I tried third party apps to block internet access for MX Player but the app breaks, it doesn't work either.
3. Lots of factory resets: mostly after system updates. With the last one I think the MiBox starts a little faster but the apps work the same.
I don't do streaming so I only connect to the internet so the MiBox sets the right time. That's it. I unplugged it when I don't use it because it keeps the light of the portable HDD on, and it really bothers me.
4. Downgrading to Android 8. I'm pretty sure this started with the upgrade to Android 9. I did the downgrade last night but that brought old problems back: that awful bright dot on the upper left corner of the screen (extremely noticeable because I have an OLED TV) and the impossibility to write content on the external USB drive. So, I'm back on Android 9.
Anybody has a suggestion???
Thanks in advance.