Question Microphone issues only in calls/chat applications

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Sep 1, 2022
Moto E 2015
Xiaomi Mi A3
Hey guys, I have a Redmi Note 11, running the late September Evolution X update, and after installing this update, during calls the person on the other end cannot hear me, are there any fixed for this? This also applies to Discord where the Transmission indicater does not glow dark green indicating no input is detected. I have tried this with Root and without, same results.

The fixes I have tried:
Restarting Device
Toggling Microphone Access
Android Mic Fix Magisk Module

Please do help as calls are an essential feature of a mobile phone. Incase any other information is required for the solution, I will post whatever information need be. Thank you

Edit: Managed to fix it by dirty flashing to old build. Thanks
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