Microphone noise problem with Dasaita Android Radio

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Jan 2, 2014
Hello! I've got a 2018 Toyota Auris (yes, i know, in the USA is named Corolla). I changed the radio for a Dasaita PX6 radio with DSP and Android 10.

[**Link to the radio**](https://es.aliexpress.com/item/33011976959.html)

It came with an external Microphone but they don't allow you to use the OEM microphone wich was... honestly perfect. This is what the radio came with:

[**Image of the radio with all the accesories**]

The microphone connects via 3.5mm Mini Jack. I tested it and I turned the microphone amplification to +10db because if i had it lower, NOBODY CAN HEAR ME. So... +10db, ok.

The audio quality in calls was so horrific that I thought... well maybe is this ****ty microphone, lets try another one. So I bought the Sony ECM-CS3:

[**Sony ECM-CS3 (beautiful)**]

I connected it with the same settings (remember, less than +10db means nobody can hear me), and... I still had the same Issue. The microphone audio is distorted as hell. I tested it by recording a call with my girlfriend. I'm the dude... and i can't even understand myself. The worst part is in the middle, when I am driving in the highway (min. 8 aprox):

[**Sound proof**] (https://freesound.org/s/573025/)

I though about trying to Isolate the microphone with foam because my actual setup is this:

It has foam underneath for vibrations, but the actual microphone has no foam around. I'll test it later but for me it looks more like a software issue.

What do you think? Any idea of how to improve the sound quality? I found this post in a Tacoma forum where **a guy found a way to use the OEM microphone from Toyota in an Android Unit**. But I am scared of not being compatible with the Corollas:

[**Link to his adapter**](https://tombit.com/product/3rd-gen-toyota-tacoma-mic-adapter-atc-ato-fuse-type/)

[**Link to the forum post**](https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/3rd-gen-tacoma-oem-mic-adapter.714665/)

adaptador tacoma.jpg

Oh! I made a video (in Spanish, sorry. But **it has English subs!**) showing the whole setup of the radio where you can see everything better:

[**Radio Setup**](


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Jul 17, 2019
You have to use the dasaita mic. Other mics don't have the same impedance.

As for quality... maybe your mic or mic input is defective? I use the dasaita mic (and android phone) with no issues.


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Jun 14, 2021
I have a 2015 Corolla ZRE181R. I managed the built in mic to work on my Dasaita PX6 MAX10-CP (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001566063752.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.2d8f7fdcmptC4w). The trim panel bit I bought from Joying a while back - allows your Corolla (Pre-2017) to take a 200x100 toyota universal unit. Also canbus cables is CB004 so you need to get it from a different listing and not the listing for the toyota universal unit.

But before I got this to work, I ended up blowing a little SPDT switch on the board and that shorted the mic input to ground and I could not even use my front panel mic. My temporary solution was replacing the analog SPDT switch (marked with MIAKI) with a 1kiloohm resistor (across the common and normally closed connection). My brother knows how to do SMD soldering/de-soldering so he helped me on that one (with a little fee). MTKNAVI (the seller on aliexpress) was kind enough to tell me which part I needed to fix the board with once I found where the fault was.

It should be the same unit as yours with a different front panel - just a heads up but all these units are quite generic and even the mainboard uses an STM32 microcontroller and the PX6 board is removable.

Attached is what I worked out - try at your own risk. It may allow you to reuse the amplified mic on the harness and it will sound "OK" but I still have to put this through a road test... If someone comes round to selling this for cheap in a kit - send me a free sample. A decoupling capacitor is recommended for when you wire the buck converter to your cigarette lighter connections. The ground strap for the wiring shield is separate - it never gets connected to the microphone but prevents the wiring from picking up noise.

If you need to read up wiring diagrams get them from toyota-tech.eu or any reliable source which is official or even google can help.

Remember the Dasaita supplied mic (even on the front panel) is around 1kiloohm resistance - anything that is much lower impedance may blow up something on the board and you will need help then. Also cannot confirm if the powered mic will not blow the spdt switch again if I replace it and put in a resistance on the input mic. Someone please see if there is perhaps a protection circuit to add on the mic. Any amplified mic will go boom

Your thoughts?


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