Question Microsoft Confirms There's a 'Strange' Problem in Stable Version of Windows 11

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Sep 14, 2022
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Microsoft has confirmed a 'weird' issue in the stable version of Windows 11, some users may not be able to log in after adding a new Microsoft account user to the operating system. The company has shared details about the bug on the official Windows Health Dashboard website and explained how to fix it.

According to Microsoft, users are briefly locked out after the first restart or logout. The issue only appears once and for a short time on devices using Microsoft accounts, while Active Directory domain users and Azure Active Directory accounts remain unaffected. It only occurs on systems running the client version of Windows 11 21H2.

Reporting from Neowin, Thursday (8/9/2022), those who are having problems logging into their accounts on Windows 11 21H2 should not do anything to remedy the situation. The operating system will allow users to log in after a few minutes, plus Microsoft resolved the issue using the Known Issue Rollback system.

The latter automatically undoes problematic changes without any action required from the end user. In case you missed it, Microsoft recently alerted Windows Chile customers about a potential issue due to daylight saving time (Daylight saving time).

The company says users need to manually change their time and date settings to avoid problems with notifications, incorrect system times and other annoyances. Fortunately, this bug does not apply to customers outside of Chile.



Aug 31, 2022
Glad I've not "upgraded" to 11.

Happy with 10 and will stay until 2029, then maybe change to Windows 12 if Microsoft learned their lesson from 11. If not, Linux will be.


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Sep 17, 2010
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With more restrictions and instability.
No, that is cause you think that, the people that think that are not really good on windows or PCs in general.
You got the same system/kernel behind, you got the same apps and you even got more theme options.
Just cause there is some new things does not mean restrictions or instability, i have 16 PCs in my home with different hardware, from AMD only systems to Intel 12gen and Nvidia, even got a few Arm based machines here all running windows 11.

People that say windows 11 is unstable is cause they did not upgrade drivers and or is lying about said instability.
If you don't even try to understand how a computer works then maybe go Apple?`They dont need as much knowledge as windows.