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Jan 29, 2013
Since long time im not using cm9 so cant help you about the bugs and performance....about how to install,you just have to flash provided kernel,go to recovery and wipe everything,then install the rom and gapps....thats it.

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Which version of cm are u currently using?? Is there anything which does not work (eg.front camera, wifi, etc) on ur current version of cm?

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    AUDIO - ok
    GPS - ok
    WIFI - ok - new wl12xx_mac80211
    CWM RECOVERY 5.5 - ok
    BT - ok
    GSM - ok
    3D - ok
    GRALLOC - ok
    HOTSPOT - ok
    USB UMS - ok
    CAMERA - ok (including video recording)
    ANT+ - ok
    HDMI - disabled
    FM - ok
    CAMERA - ok

    look on bug tracker for remaining bugs

    Unlocking device on unlock website or by testpoint voids your waranty !
    hy all

    1. we explained serveral times that even if an kernel is tested after all patches are merged there can be upstream changes that break it (no boot bug)
    we test every release when we work on something and then build is started for all devices

    2. we release weekely so that we can test togeter for bugs and try to please everybody that is asking for new roms as soon as old one is released (we get mails for new release on monday morning at 5 min after previews rom is released)

    3.MOST IMPORTANT - this is an development thread
    if you want to join us you can anytime contribute and fix things but all your pushes are useless unless those are pushed to cyanogen review system so that everybody can test and merge them upstream

    4.STOP advertising other roms "i will move to xxx ROM wich is better"
    this is an development thread, you are free move to any rom you wish,

    5.STOP asking for SONY features or camera
    those are prop stuff and are not open source
    if you need them move to stock rom

    6.DELAYS and BUGS
    we are 4 people maintaining 12 devices and adding 6 new devices
    we have jobs and families, we have our own life and we do the work done usually by hundred people

    we want to thank to all donors wich donated an total amount of supported our work

    FreeXperia Team

    I think there is a another philosophy and they're not lazy... As I said, please don't be personally.

    First one is: I am sure they are testing. But they aren't testing the whole builds, they just flash/add their fixed libraries or modules manually and these work.

    Then: The kernel thingy: they fixed their kernel... but possibly forgot to make the appropriate changes to the build scripts that run the complete builds for public delivery. This is almost also a lot of work to do. Just look yourself: hnl_dk posted threads on "how to build you own cm" sync that repos to your workarea and look at the huge amount of build scripts and how they are dependand... ;) if you update/sync your repo regularly you will see there are at least daily changes on the build scripts... as well on the side of cm...
    The cyanogenmod is very collaborative. THere are also sometimes bugs in the CM, that FXP is not responsible of (like this statusbar-bug(s)), but they take the rumors.
    I agree FXP could be more "sorry" also of things they are not really responsible of... but this also would make people more happy. But the philosophy behind is: If a build gets sadly broken by a little mistake... it will get fixed with next build and they do it about every week... but you can do it yourself, too.

    More or less I can also say: its the lazy people that don't go through this huge XDA community to find out how to build their own working kernel or how to fix the broken kernels with correct ramdisk... They're also too lazy to make senseful analysis and give appropriate bug reports.

    I don't think your view of how they work matches the truth of how they work. Because there is no "they" there is a "we" and a main group called "FXP" that helps us with (developing) skills the most of "we/us" does not have. So in my view it is wrong to nag around. You can whine but at the same time you should give information or do something against that... this will help us making the rom complete :)

    Aaand: nags cause lack of motivation, so the more you nag against the "we", the more you destroy it... then don't expect help... etc.

    Btw: what do you mean it lags? cm9 is also very smooth now. Remember you have to fill the dalvik cache first. so there is always one or two reboots needed (after full startup) to have this smooth feeling. I also recommend ondemand or smartassV2 governor (smartassV2 has to be added to kernel manually), I also encountered lags with interactive (the default one).
    FXP148 released
    upload will take 1h
    FXP148 extended kernel released for Xperia Mini Pro.

    I will release a kernel for the Xperia Mini too later, but please note it is untested, because I don't have such a device.

    I will try to release an extended ROM for the Xperia Mini Pro today and one for the Xperia Mini tomorrow (last one untested).

    The kernels will have the latest FXP fixes (if they were all released) and the ROM's will now have ALS enabled and a backported CMFileManager included.

    See the links in my signature for details.

    Edit: kernels for both devices and ROM for one device available, ROM for Xperia Mini is being uploaded now.