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RealLifeReview Dude
Nov 2, 2015
You don't want to give your significant other yet another reason to yell at you while you're reading XDA in bed. Rate this thread to express what you think of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 / S7 Plus's display minimum dimness. A higher rating indicates that the display can get extremely dim, ideal for reading in very dark environments.

Then, drop a comment if you have anything to add!


Senior Member
Jun 18, 2010
Never owned a device before, smartphone or tablet that can get so dim, Tab s7+ does get very dim. One problem though: the slider goes from 100 to about 20 smoothly and drops abruptly from there to minimum brightness. No idea why it was programmed this way.

I suggest trying an app called "screen filter" and "colour inversion" from settings. The latter can be made into a homescreen toggle button with the help of "tasker". I wish it was included in the quick panel buttons..


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May 6, 2012
Austin, TX
In my experience, the S7 is about on par with or slightly better than my old TF101 for dark environment use. It can't compare to the Nook HD, though - side by side the Nook can go a lot dimmer. Keep in mind the S7 is running the stock ROM (last I checked, it's too new for any usable aftermarket ROM to exist) while the TF101 and Nook are running aftermarket ROMs.

Haven't tried the S7+ so I have no idea how it does.

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    Min of the S7 is okay, but should be lower for night usage IMO.