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Minor warning in exif data of pictures from org.linageos.snap

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Dec 19, 2011
In this post I describe a problem on my H3113 with taking picture and sharing with the signal messenger app. I try to understand the problem and try to find out if there are a problem in lineageos or the signal app.

If I take pictures with org.linageos.snap (2.02.072), LineageOS 18.1-20210603 I can't share this picture in the signal messaging app. But after a edit the picture with exiftool like

exiftool.exe "c:\Users\user\Downloads\IMG_20210607_135140.jpg" -Make=cam -o save.jpg

exiftool do fix a minor thing of the original picture.

Warning: [minor] Entries in IFD0 were out of sequence. Fixed.

If I copy the save.jpg back to phone it is possible to send it with signal messenger. Have anybody the same issue with signal messenger?

On github of the signal app I have a picture exampe which not works and a picture where I have delete the complete exif data.

Open Camera works but I want like to use the snap app. Thank for help and ansers. :)


Senior Member
Jan 28, 2017
Small town in Bavaria