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Missing HSPA/LTE bands on 5803?

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May 21, 2020
With the recent official Lineage build for Z3C, I imported a cheap 5803 from Hong Kong to play around with. Installed Lineage, and noticed I was only getting an Edge connection on T-Mobile. Re-installed a "stock" ROM via Flashtool/Xperifirm, and the problem persisted. I've had two 5803's in the past, with the same carrier, and had no problems with the data connection. Going into the "Configuration" service menu, I looked at the available bands, and it seems like lots are missing (basing my expectations on FrequencyCheck). Am I confused, or is there something wrong/different with this phone?

Screenshot of config at imgur.com/a/5W42uot

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Dec 22, 2013
The only thing I can think of is:
in the compartment where the SIM card is, there is a white plastic slip that you can pull out. It will have the model number on it. Mine specifically says "Model: D5803". You have to pull the strip almost all the way out to read it.

I recommend using a pin to pull it out. There's a little hole/slit that you can poke the pin through. Do it slowly and avoid pulling the slip all the way out, as I suspect it would be difficult to slide back in if you pull it out too far.
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