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Question Miui 12.5 on Mi 11 Ultra ?

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Aug 24, 2013
Same something around 4am or so
but does it mean we will have 12.5 later i m mean wayyyyy later lol
Yes my phone glitched out yesterday before the update and today it did the same thing

I saw a system update in the settings panel and when I hit download now it disappeared

Exactly the same thing happened yesterday before the 12.0.13 update so I think we get 12.5 in the next 6 hours!

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    All went well. Thanks guys. I basically have no desire to flash .EU right now. China ROM is totally fine.

    That's good, thanks for the info.

    I got a bit too curious tried enrolling for the beta program under the standard Android Updater settings, which took me to a page to install the Mi Community app. It then asked me to sign-up for a beta testing group but after giving them my contact details, it said there's already too many users enrolled (something like 500k testers already?). I had to ask a friend who could read Chinese to help translate the UI elements for me :D
    Because the application threshold is too low, resulting in too many people to apply.. (when you have the internal test qualification of other mobile phone models and don't need to own the mobile phone, you can apply for approval without approval.)

    There are several solutions.
    1. Borrow your friend's Xiaomi account with internal test qualification.
    2. Buy an account with internal test qualification on Taobao or other platforms.
    3. In Xiaomi community, the "internal test score" reaches 900, but it may be a little difficult for foreigners.
    4. You can flash xiaomi.eu ROM or other version ROM.
    5.Wait, wait, wait the stable verson ROM.....
    这也是中国小米用户经常吐槽的地方。。。我小米10也没有内测权限,通常我都是 flash 自定义 ROM。

    1. 借你朋友拥有内测资格的小米账号。
    4.你可以flash xiaomi.eu ROM 或者其他版本的ROM.
    I just received 12.5 OTA
    How lol i just got a lol
    Regarding the camera, i for one saw a small improvement when taking photos in direct sunlight and getting a bit more details in the dark areas. Before those areas were a bit too dark for my tastes but now they seem a bit lit up and with a bit more details.

    Also the zoom stabilization past 10x has improved a lot imo.
    Also there is a small improvement on digital processing when taking a zoom picture. I can see that the writings are better recreated now ( tested with maximum zoom on a panel where i couldn't read the text )
    Attached a normal and ultrawide shots.

    Also please take in consideration that these were shot from the car with the windshield not so clean ;)
    Bummer :( but thanks! So the app installs, but once you connect to the car, nothing happens. And if I open the app while connected, the car display / system just won't see the phone. So far, after doing a thousand things, this is the only kind of signal that the phone tries to communicate with the car, but after this, phone just freezes
    my buddy has a car with android auto, i can try that when i see him and let you know.