MIUI 12 OTA Update In begonian LR TWRP

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Aug 23, 2014
I'm trying update from 12.0.1 to 12.0.5 with TWRP recovery.
"Package expects build fingerprintof redmi/begonian this device has begonia" This error is coming.
I Removed the fist line which checks this from updater script. still this error is coming.
The Questions I have .
1) Is is possible to do OTA update without loosing apps/data?
2) Can i Use the image from this link Here ?
3) If i can't do the above should i flash the full rom from Here ?? Is it possible to do this without loosing apps/data?
4) Is there any other recovery that supports flashing the OTA rom?
1) OTA won't erase your data
2) You should install the correct OTA distribution for your phone. If you have begonia then flash begonia. So does for begoniain. Unless you are flashing fastboot ROM, it will count as switching region and are totally fine with UBL. How do I know which device am I? Refer to about section in settings
3) Dirty flash for MIUI in mi flash with same region distribution is fine. Even downgrade from A10 to A9 is completely fine (but some apps may show weird behaviour, for this case, factory reset is recommended). I've done it many times (stable global to stable global).
4) It sure can but I wouldn't recommend. It will lead to bootloop. I will recommend to flash stock recovery and do the update via miflash pro with full recovery rom. I also recommend to completely remove magisk prior update. Carrying over your magisk+magisk hide+magisk settings+it's module is fine, but I recently discovered incompatibilities that leads bootloop when switching off magisk hide that carried over from previous update on global. You can re-install everything after update
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