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Sep 6, 2013
hello i flashed that rom with fastboot method if i wanna update can i flash next ver with recovery that come with the rom?
or i should flash it with fastboot either
thx <3


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Jun 20, 2020
app gallery

first of all thanks for the rom and the updates ....
I wanted to report a bug in the gallery app .... the videos open after a long time and you have to click many times before they start .... I don't know if it happens to others
thank you for your work


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Feb 10, 2020
After one day of use i noticed some things.
1) Control center has to much lags to work , icons do not activate and when you scroll down you see it lagging
2) EIS does not work
3) Poor camera quality and lot of lag while using the app
4) Some strange things with settings reseting to default
5) Battery is very good , i can say better than android 10
6) Ram managment is very low , after having 4 apps running the phone start lagging
Great work , overall it is ok. You can deal with these bugs. If you fix them the rom will be perfect.

[email protected]

New member
Jul 11, 2020

Many many thanks for this rom (20.7.9) fingerprint is working now and i connot find issues now. this rom is much better than stock android 10. i am glad with this and again: many thanks for your work.

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    After install this ROM MIUI on Android 11 (converted to Mi9C), it's possible to return to Mi A3 android 11 stock rom?

    Just flash again the A11 through EDL.
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    MIUI 12 for Mi A3 - Stable & Weekly ROM

    * Your warranty is now void.
    * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards,
    * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM
    * before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    * you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.
    What is this?
    MIUI port for Mi A3 device. included all MIUI goodies. Based on Mi CC9e ROMs. Android version is 10.

    Whats working?
    Mobile Data
    FOD (Fingerprint on display)
    MIUI Camera
    Sound / Vibration
    Second Space
    Dual apps
    App lock and security features

    Known Issues
    You tell me

    Download Weekly Beta
    Updater App : Click here
    MIUI_Xiaomi.EU : Click here
    MIUI_China (Gapps Added) : Click here

    Download Stable
    MIUI_Xiaomi.EU : Click here
    MIUI_China (Gapps Added) : Click here

    Changelog - Weekly Beta
    Click here

    Clean flash is required. If you move between stable and beta firmware. Read more info : here

    How to Flash
    1. Boot into your custom recovery (TWRP/SHRP)
    2. Go to Wipe > Format Data > type "yes" and continue (Skip this step, if you are upgrading from previous version)
    3. Flash MIUI ROM zip
    4. Reboot to system.
    Be patient first boot may take some time.

    These apps are removed from system, you can install them using bellow links.
    Mi Video | Google Search | SuperWallpaper | Cleaner

    Now you have MIUI 12 on your Mi A3!

    Help me to continue MIUI
    Click Here

    Stay tuned
    Mi A3 MIUI Telegram Group - Click here
    Mi A3 MIUI Updates Channel - Click here

    • Thanks : xiaomi and xiaomi.eu, @ILFlacco @Djymal, @Nebrassy, @Harukey, @paul89rulez, @Nik001 @trkzmn, @prakaship78, @AgentW , @oddlyspaced and all testers and members of above telegram groups.

    • Android OS version: 10
    • Based On: Mi CC9e ROMs
    • ROM Developer:@tmgallage
    • ROM Kernel: Linux 4.x
    • ROM Firmware Required: Latest
    ♨MIUI 12.5 - Mi CC9e Conversion Updates - Xiaomi EU

    ⚠️This firmware only for Mi A3 to Mi CC9e converted users due to Android 11 firmware. If you don't know how to convert your A11 upgraded Mi A3 to Mi CC9e, See bellow guide. Conversion method is the best way to use MIUI in Android 11 upgraded Mi A3 devices. Even after converting to CC9e, You can't use official CC9e ROM directly. It will brick your device. Due to that reason, You can use below modified updates.

    ❇️Download : ( Weekly Beta | Stable )

    ❇️How to Convert Mi A3 to Mi CC9e
    Download conversion firmware and extract it: Click here. Follow README.txt inside the extracted folder.

    ❇️How to Flash Updates
    1. Boot into your custom recovery (TWRP)
    2. Go to Wipe > Format Data > type "yes" and continue
    (Skip step 2 if you are upgrading from previous version)
    3. Flash MIUI ROM zip (Weekly Beta | Stable)
    4. Reboot to system.
    Be patient first boot may take some time.

    🔺Special thanks to Sekil and all contributors of conversion method.
    How to Enable/Disable MIA3 MIUI Encryption

    MI A3 MIUI ROM force encryption enabled by default since v20.10.15, but you can disable encryption using below method. backup your data before flashing this. You must format data after flashing below zip file. Device will not boot until format data.

    How to use
    1. Go to recovery mode (SHRP/TWRP)
    2. Select and Flash "MiA3_MIUI_encryption_disabler.zip"
    3. Format Data and reboot .

    Download :

    Also included "MiA3_MIUI_encryption_enabler.zip" if you had any issue you can flash it and revert back to encryption disabled mode.
    Differences of MIUI Stable & Weekly Beta

    MIUI Weekly Beta - is the most relevant, innovative and up-to-date, as it receives all the innovations first. This firmware is was created for advanced users to test innovations. It is updated every week, usually on Friday, except for Chinese holidays and the presence of serious bugs, when developers delay the release of the update. However, do not be afraid, if you run into a mistake, most likely, next Friday it will be eliminated. And many users use the weekly firmware without worrying about bugs. The release name of the development firmware is the date of its release. For example, the latest firmware is now called MIUI 12 20.10.15, which means that it was released on October 15, 2020. The first figure is the year, the second is the month, the third is the day.

    MIUI Stable - is the main assembly and is a kind of standard: it is stable, all functions are debugged and optimized in it, all the bugs that are found in the weekly firmware are fixed. It is recommended to install it, if you do not seek all the innovations and related bugs, This firmware not contains latest features as MIUI weekly beta. but you need a stable system without surprises. The name of stable firmware versions is not tied to the release date, but to the accumulated updates, so it is updated irregularly. Updates can come just in two weeks, and every three months.

    Clean flash is recommended. If you move between stable and beta firmware.

    Source : here
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