MIUI-Pro ROM(V8) ported For msm8916 & snapdragon 410 devices like LYF Wind 3(LS-5502)

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Amit Kumar R

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Mar 3, 2018
MIUI-Pro ROM(V8) ported For msm8916 & snapdragon 410 devices like LYF Wind 3(LS-5502)

Hey Guys!
Its Amit,

I recently decided to bring back the dead soul of my old phone with the help of custom ROM's.When I searched for my phone i.e LYF Wind 3(LS_5502) on google i came with no result except for the TWRP Recovery.

By the way, my phone's i.e--LYF Wind 3(LS-5502) android version is lollipop V5.1.1. It's running stock android provided by the LYF company till then no updates,no security patches and no-nothing.

Then I decided to port ROM for my phone with the help of millions of tutorials and guide & also with intense work.
I finally had made a stable custom Rom-----MIUI-Pro Miui 8 on top of lollipop-V5.1.1.

It has following features:----->
  • VOLTE Working{Added option to turn on and turn off volte}
  • All Miui 8 Features
  • Wi-Fi & Hotspot Working
  • Bluetooth
  • All sensors working
  • Gesture-Anywhere feature
  • Animation Control
  • small DPI
  • feature to disable buttons
  • Themes Working
  • All System app extra-customization
  • Added feature to import third party themes
  • Notification customization
  • Home-screen customisation
  • Mi Account{Working}
  • App Lock
  • Dual Apps
  • Weather Mate(M8) intead of normal weather app
  • Volume Boost
  • Rounded-Corners
  • Dolby Atmos Pre-installed
  • Pre-Rooted
  • Mix Explorer
  • Jeejen Home
  • Chinese Bloatwares Removed
  • One-Handed Mode
  • And many many many many many more

*But I faced some bugs like this which i was not able to solve.:--------->
  • Camera

I was not able to completely port camera.
When I start phone everytime(power ON), and open camera it work for a slight second(upto 4-5 seconds)but then after it says ''can't connect to camera''. And after it whenever i launch camera app it says the same.

Except Camera this ROM is smooth and very much stable than the stock one.
I'm using this for quiet a month and had felt no issues
It had better battery backup,batter RAM Management

If any dev is seeing this please help me solving th camera problem described above

And here is the link for the miui pro ROM :------->


Note That Gapps are already included.

Procedure for Installing ROM:-------->

1) Download the ROM
2) Boot to twrp and wipe data,system,cache
3)Install the ROM so simple.

As The oem has not release the kernel source which is againt gpl that android follows.
So I have ported ROM on top of prebuilt stock kernel.


Have Fun!!!
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Nov 17, 2016
Thanks for this Rom

I have been searching for MIUIPRO 64 bit Rom to port since long time, thanks bro for providing this rom. I can try helping you for Camera fix.
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