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Jan 8, 2023
Hi you can use de launcher alpha module magisk numerous options like google discover at left, blur, grid.....
Right so the only way to do this is rooting your phone which I'm not interested in doing.. does anyone know the reason for such an idiotic desicion from Xiaomi to take away a stock feature like that ?

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    Here are some things I've learned and/or used to solve things and make this phone how I want it in the first month of so of ownership:

    - install all the Androplus magisk modules
    - if you search for "more dark mode options" in settings you can choose to force whatever app you want into dark mode. this one took me awhile to figure out
    - if you are rooted and have any problem getting notifications use the app DozeOff from the Fdroid store
    - if you want to see screen on time install digital wellbeing from the play store, no app will appear installed but you can use the app activity launcher to open it, then in settings you can choose to have the app appear.
    - for some reason forcing desktop mode in chrome android does not work for me after turning the chrome flag on, but using the app Chrome UA forces chrome to display websites in desktop mode as default each time instead of mobile
    - use vivid navigation gestures so you have gestures with a 3rd party launcher
    - if you want to use a 3rd party app and hide the nav bar, use the magisk module Fullscreen/Immersive Gestures q-t, us the androplus modele Hide Status bar to get a truly fullscreen phone when unfolded.
    - are you not getting the latest MIUI update and also want to stay rooted with magisk? install MIUI downloader from the play store, grab the latest software there you want the full version. go to miui updates in settings and tap on the icon 10 times, you will now have the option to flash update files. install the magisk module MIUI flash freely. you can now flash a full rom update from the file you downloaded. flash the update but don't reboot. go to magisk and install magisk to inactive slot OTA. you'll now have the latest version of MIUI and won't have to wait.
    Hi, I 'm not understanding your way of updating. When you say go to miui udates in setings, what settings? In the app or the phone settingts? tap what icon 10 times?

    just follow that, then you have to install the magisk module to be able to install the local file