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Mar 19, 2012

I downloaded the jan 2014 file.

Music app forces close.

Also, is it just me or is the bluetooth speak caller id not working?

Is there any way possible to get the software for the note 3 camera? The camera works great otherwise.

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Feb 17, 2012
please help...
I have tried to install this in my phone but every time it give this error "contextprovider has stopped" and some other errors like keyboard... so I had to factory reset my phone. I don't know if my rom is the problem so i installed the only rom with MK4 that i could find which was Argentina (Movistar) PDA: N7100UBUEMK4 CSC: N7100TFGEMK2 MODEM: N7100UBUEMJ4. So, please help and if the rom is the problem, please provide me with one that is will defiantly work with.


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Sep 29, 2010
Sorry for not keeping this thread update.

I just wanted to inform that we (E-Team) will update the mod rom once Samsung release the official Kit Kat rom.
We could release now a mod rom for the leaked kit kat rom but as Samsung might change lot of things from the leaked to the final one we think it's better to do it once the official kit kat rom has been released. :)

If you would like to have the mod rom for the leaked kit kat nb4 rom you can simply flash DN3 4 RC ;)

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Salam Husin

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Dec 29, 2013

Already flashed this ROM. Just wondering, is there any OTA updates for this ROM? Some of Note 3 features or apps are still not workable/functional. Could be any OTA updates as to fixing bugs? Tq!


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Nov 18, 2009
Near Braunschweig

Already flashed this ROM. Just wondering, is there any OTA updates for this ROM? Some of Note 3 features or apps are still not workable/functional. Could be any OTA updates as to fixing bugs? Tq!

What is not working for you with DN ROM? There are fixes for almost everything to work in the thread for the ROM.
Which version of the ROM are you using?

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Salam Husin

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Dec 29, 2013
What is not working for you with DN ROM? There are fixes for almost everything to work in the thread for the ROM.
Which version of the ROM are you using?

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Thread? I have no idea which one to refer. One more thing, why the phone keep turn on with lock screen appears almost every 2 to 5 minutes? hmm...


Aug 12, 2010
hello to all of you, thank you for the opportunity to have beautiful rom only problem with not being able to install apps from the Google Play Store all my attempts I see error code unknown thanks if anyone helps me understand what is wrong


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Dec 31, 2009
for N7102

Hello E-TEAM. I'd like to confirm that this MOD works for the note 2 N7102 with a few bugs and I was hoping you could help me out on this...

I removed SecMMS.apk, Flashbarservice.apk and SecPhone.apk and flashed your mod and everything worked. Aircommand, pop up window etc however there are a few bugs. Contacts FC's when adding new contacts and the dual sim settings in the Settings disappeared (its due to the flashing of the setting.apk in your zip). Im sure these errors happen because we have a different secphone.apk which is linked to the contacts.apk, I'm humbly asking your help if you can mod these files for us N7102 users please. I tried adding the missing xmls from one the non-dual sim to the dual sim apk but still errors happen. Please I hope you can help me on this. Attached are the files here


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Jan 5, 2013
Guys do I need to flash this mod if I flash ditto rc2?
Do it has extra features not included in RC2

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    1st disclaimer
    This is not titooo7's mod. I just started it and was the first one to kick the door with the air command feature, but we a lot of people tried to help in this thread in one way or another: this MOD is basically the work of the E-TEAM.
    The E-Team is responsible of 95% of the things included in the MOD and the port of N3 features for N2. But we want to thank all those users that since the begining of the thread helped or tried to help with feedback, sending files, giving support to other users, with donations or with nice words that helped us to keep this thing alive.
    Please read the credits section of this thread. Although the port of Note 3 features was mainly the job of 5 people the ones mentioned in the credits section also deserve some thanks (the list have to be updated)

    2nd disclaimer
    To be able to have Note 3 features working in a Note 2 lot of work was necessary. We (E-Team members) spent many many hours to get this working (1st research, 2nd test, 3rd modify, 4th read logcat and 5th fix bugs).
    It's easy to download a zip, flash it and enjoy the features listed here in your Note 2 N7100 but it wasn't easy at all to make this thing work as good as it does.

    If you want to use the files of this MOD in your rom/theme you only have to give proper credits and just as a way of courtesy you also should ask for permission. That's all what you need to do if you want to use the files of this MOD in your rom/theme.
    You are free to include the files of the MOD in your rom, theme or mod giving credits but without asking for permission, but if you can't show us a little bit of courtesy and respect don't expect has to help you in any way.

    General information
    E-Team is a team formed by the people who is actually responsible of having all the Galaxy Note 3 features (except a fully working camera) working perfectly in Galaxy Note 2 devices. We spent many hours doing this and we were the first ones to port every single feature from Note 3 to Note 2.
    Now you can see all the Note 3 features listed here in different Note 2 roms and forums, but if you care about who made that possible you should know that we are the ones who made it possible. After we made it possible, winmerge and kdiff also helped lot of people to "re-invent the wheel" but if you ever created something from the bottom you probably know how hard it is to do it but how easy it is to duplicate it.
    And no... we are not better than Samsung, the real good devs are Samsung devs and that's why they get paid very well. We ported the work they did for n3 features to n2 and that was a hell of a job, but we would be complete ignorants if we say that Samsung devs are bad devs or we pretend to make you believe that we are better.

    Now we have decided to bring you Note3 features & apps as a standalone package for the Galaxy Note 2 N7100. That way you could have note 3 features in your phone, no matter which mk4 rom you are using. So here you go ROM MOD N3 Features for N2 4.3 XXUEMK4 (Deodexed):

    Flashing Instructions:

    1) You must be running DEODEXED 4.3 XXUEMK4 on your phone.
    2) Phone rooted and CWM installed
    3) Download the zip file linked below and save it in your sd card
    4) Boot into CWM.
    5) Backup your rom for safety
    6) Clear cache & dalviks cache
    7) Flash the zip file
    8) Reboot your phone
    9) Enjoy

    (Note: Zip file will auto wipe data for Secsettings and SecLauncher. It won't fully wipe your phone, no worry )

    1) Air Command (Pen Window, Screen Writer, Scrapbook and Action Memo),
    2) Gallery, Launcher, Safety Assistance, S Note, Sketchbook, S Planner and Sbrowser
    3) One Hand Operation works for the keyboard, calendar, dialer and One Hand Operation for All screens
    4) Note3 Keyboard with color emoji (thanks to @avivalder), writing buddy, spen detachment option
    5) Note3 Settings UI
    6) Smart scroll for Samsung stock browser
    7) Smart pause for Samsung stock video
    8) S Pen hovering features with in SMS, Contacts and Gallery apps
    9) Signature lockscreen
    7) few things more from Note....can't remember. But basically all the Note 3 features except the camera

    Download (Galaxy Note 3 features for Galaxy Note 2 MK4 ROM MOD v2):


    That's all. Enjoy guys :)



    This section is still not properly updated
    Who made it possible?
    @ravijani, @slink_59, @titooo7, @Arsaw and @funky81.

    Very important contributions also from @RevengeDevTeam, @amit.bagaria and @avivalder. Thanks also to @sotmax, @xperiacle, @Petros_tigra, @HalloSpencer, @kashortiexda, @jtOttawa, @badwolf94, @Bert.C, @Dai323, @mourad75, @Zanr Zij, @nmtuan.pnt and @pageniao, @wtf!!droid, @XDA_Waghmare, @parthpatels007, @mateus78, @pakure, @mavera, @fausto88, @papic7m, @boozyrock, @Doomhamma, @dr.ketan and many more users.

    I'm sure that I'm forgetting several of you who contributed with fixes, feedback and answering question to other users so please contact me via PM and I'll add you to the list. If you are on the list is because I really think you deserve it and I don't want anyone to don't get the thanks they deserve.
    Thanks to all the users who supported us with nice words, patience and respect.

    If you want to give us thanks in a more special way you can send us a donation.
    You also can send us a donation if you were thinking about buying a Note 2 but after downloading this mod you decided to save the money :) :

    Changelog of old versions of the MOD


    19-10 (v3.5)

    • +Voice Recorder from N3
      +M3 Browser added to main zip
      +Updated Filpboard and Evernote
      *SnameCard fix thanks to slink_59
      *Now in settings you have three lockscreens thanks to Arsaw
      *Removed duplicated air view entry in Settings thanks to Arsaw
      +Phone app from N3 MJ1 added (the one for videotelephony was already there)
      *Flahbarservice with perfect cosmetic fix thanks to avivalder and RevengeDevTeam
      +CSC.apk from mj1 added just in case it ensures compatibility with some app that I don't remember
      *Launcher fix thanks to funky81 (we didn't use the one from avivalder because it was english only)
      *Writing buddy (also called Direct Pen Input) in Settings > My device - S Pen thanks to Arsaw (some people could activate-deactivate but still doesn't work)
      -Removed keyboard. The keyboard thins is a bug from MI6 we shouldn't bring it here. Another reason is that we stil didn't found one that works for everybody. I had the best results with this one from sotmax, but it also failed after some time

    13-10 (v3)
    • Launcher from MJ1
    • SecWallpaper from MJ1
    • Pinboard & RakeIn from MJ1
    • Easy Clip fix included thanks to funky81
    • New SecMMS and OmaCP from MJ1
    • Added FlashLight widget thanks to Arsaw
    • Action Memo cosmetic fix thanks to ravijiani
    • Added Note3 sounds thanks to XDA_Waghmare
    • Frame icons of Pen Window included in framework
    • Enabled One Hand Operations inside Settings thanks to Arsaw
    • Added necessary libs for Sketchbook thanks to Dai323 for the info
    • FlashBarService doesn't crash any more using Help app thanks to slink_59
    • Keyboard doesn't crash anymore when you use it with Spen thanks to funky81
    • Videocalling should work now thanks to slink_59 for noticing what was missing
    • Air Command can now by activated/deactivated from Settings thanks to Arsaw
    • S Planner calendar from MJ1 combined with with N2 calendar widget thanks to XDA_Waghmare for the tip

    11-10 (v2)
    • Added frame icons to Pen Window thanks to badwolf94 (flashable zip)
    • Now aircommand circle has the icons on place thanks to Arsaw (flashable zip)
    • Quick Memo resized to fit better on the screen thanks to ravijiani (flashable zip)
    • Contacts app doesn't crash when you press menu button thanks to slink_59 (flashable zip)

    • Uploaded 300mb mod rom with Air Command perfectly working but with cosmetic issues
    • 900MB mod rom uploaded with some Air Command features working with some small bugs and other N3 apps such as Magazine, S Note 3, Launcher....
    Link to v3 will be posted tomorrow (probably tomorrow morning UK time).

    Please don't post request to upload the link or ask when it will be online or we will be forced to ask the MODs to close the thread.
    Please don't post features requests neither, we do what we can and we know what features from N3 are still missing.
    Please don't write more comments about things that are broken or are giving you FC for now because it's probably fixed for v3.

    And last but not least: we really love the nice words, but please don't quote posts just to say thanks (hit the thanks button instead). This thread has a lot of comments already and although lot of them are comments from people helping in one way or another, there are lot of comments that are kind of useless because were already posted by another user.

    I think ravijani and slink_59 (these guys are very good) will agree with me if I say that we are really happy to see so many people trying to help. In my opinion this thread is full of nice and respectul people :) But please don't forget to read the 1st post from the start till the end!!!!

    Talk to you tomorrrow!

    PS: tons of thanks to @Arsaw and @xperiacle because even if they don't have the N2 they really help a lot
    New features will come soon, we works actively on it

    to make you wait, some screen :)
    Note3 Camera on the way ... diffucult to have all camera features (we don't have new mali driver)

    but we can take pictures :)
    Note 3 Keyboard for note 2 (Coming Soon)

    I have ported note 3 keyboard for note 2 almost everything working :good: but i need little more time to complete it :)

    Check the screen shots