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MM+Kang EMUI 4.1 by WBT v3.0 [B380]

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Mar 15, 2013
-Try to flash it again
- first boot can take 15 mn and more.....

Hi, not possible, if you wiped dalvik, it's 10 mn ago to reboot.

I tried it again and it worked without any troubles.

I'm also having a problem with this rom since 3.1, the mic isn't working if I'm not in a call, that's really annoying and weird :/
And the accessibility services are often switching to off automatically without me doing anything making the app not working the way it should (Greenify, Automate, ...). Have you ever heard about that? How can I solve that?
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Jan 2, 2008
Hboot S-OFF
@Speedo.thc: Longpress on recent key causes System UI crash, but I did not set any longpress action in K-Settings. If I try to set a longpress action in K-Settings, the fc persists.

thx for your further investigations and solution.
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Jan 2, 2008
Hboot S-OFF
@Speedo.thc: Longpress on recent key causes System UI crash, but I did not set any longpress action in K-Settings. If I try to set a longpress action in K-Settings, the fc persists.

thx for your further investigations and solution.

please look into attached logcat. ;)


  • 2016-11-18-20-42-09.txt
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Jan 2, 2008
Hboot S-OFF
Hi, this long press key is used for multiwindow, which is not so usefull, if you use it on a compatible app (like calendar, it'ok to run another one) I will see if I remove the one I've integrated if the one built in Kang option still work or not.

any quick fix to completely disable multiwindow on longpress recent key? modifying multiwindow settings in build.prop to false did not work.


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Jun 26, 2008
Hello !

hm..on the Image is Xposed….but i need the Installer to get Framework and other Modules ?
How i can make this ?

Greetz SONO


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Jan 2, 2008
Hboot S-OFF
You have to disable also in :
this setting is little "redondant" coz of cust ...

no need to change for false , just put # at start of the line to disable it

tried your solution, but still system ui crash. maybe because of deleted multiwindow apk (don't know the exact name).

any solution to restore the needed apk(s) wothout going back to full 3.0 and update again?


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Jun 26, 2008
Hello !

In Menue Dual Sim Manager …there is the option für handling SIM 1 ( 2G ) …and SIM 2 ( 2G/3G/4G ) …is this normal ?
And is my Sim Card in Place 1 …and i with the 4G/3G Option to Place 1 …. i become no Service !!!
Is This a Bug…of going something wrong ??

Please can someone help me ?

Greetz SONO


May 22, 2015
same issues

tried your solution, but still system ui crash. maybe because of deleted multiwindow apk (don't know the exact name).

any solution to restore the needed apk(s) wothout going back to full 3.0 and update again?

I have the same issues for few months.
Tried to modify build.prop and also local.prop as suggested, but did not help.
I probably also deleted something like multiwindow apk, do not remember now.
Basically, it is only issue which I have with this rom from speedo.

Any kind of solution will be very welcome.
Many thanks



Nov 27, 2016

A problem with the camera after installing this custom ROM
After installing this custom ROM in a state of good food when I want to shoot, I want see a few shots taken after to see
But there is no photograph and shows this message: No thumbnail
Rom is the problem? The problem of what is it?
please Help me
Official Rom had no problem

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    MM+Kang EMUI 4.1 by WBT ( v3.0 ) B380
    *.* by Warrior Bootloop Team *.*

    Screenshots : (how to remove chinese in statubar and lockscreen)

    First intention was to add KangVip options to MM+D rom , and built a v6.0 ,
    but finally too much bugs to fix (when it boot)
    So i choice to start by the other way :
    Take the last H7 KangVip rom and add MM+D options ( apps/ patch framework/systemUI etc ..)
    Like the base is chinese Rom , it was long to remove all crappy things (chinese apps , kingroot etc ...)
    But here is a first result.

    Specifications :
    - Based on : KangVip / P8 B356/ PLK B380 and others ..
    - Deodexed
    - Debloated
    - Busyboxed
    - Rooted with superSU 2.78
    - OTA updater
    - DigiGoon Kernel 1.2 ( Big THX )
    - Xposed Add/Hide (Aroma)
    Option that was present :
    - Native Call Recorder
    - Multi Users
    - K-settings
    wich mean many options added like center clock /6x4 grid in launcher ...etc ..:good:
    Options added :
    - Support Init.d inside kernel
    - emoJiOS icons (Choice in Aroma)
    - emoji One
    - emoji N
    - emoji Windows
    - emoji Twitter
    - Full Multi Windows
    - Floating Menu
    - many ringtones
    - bigger fonts (Launcher)
    - I forget ...
    Apps Added :
    - AdAway
    - SonyMusicPlayer (Walkman)
    - Viper4android FX
    - Dolby Atmos FX
    - Doze Setting Editor
    - Kernel Adiutor
    - Led Manager
    - Link2SD
    - Root Browser
    - Switfkey
    - Swipe (OPPO)
    - True Call dialer
    - Led Manager
    - BrowserCM
    - fontster
    - Ascend P9 themes
    - And of course All necessary Google Apps
    - Somethings i can forget ...

    Changelog :
    MM+Kang by WBT v3.1 EMUI 4.1 B380
    - Fix Auto Call Recorder
    - Fix SafeBox
    - Update to last HW Backup
    - Update Necessary Gapps
    - Google Drive
    - Gmail
    - Messenger
    - Google App
    - Youtube
    - Titanium_Backup
    - Secure_MMS
    - KerneAdiutor
    - WPS Office
    - Pixel Theme by Vobiscum
    - Pixel_dialer
    MM+Kang by WBT v3.0 EMUI 4.1 B380
    *.*B380 files Updated (system Apps)*.*
    - BasicDreams
    - Bluetooth
    - Calculator
    - CalendarProvider
    - CaptivePortalLogin
    - Certinstaller
    - ChomeHomePage
    - AndroidPhoneCommon
    - DocumentsUI
    - DownmoadProviderUI
    - GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter
    - GoogleContactsSyncAdapter
    - HTMLViewer
    - HwAppOserver
    - HwAps
    - HwBluetoothimport
    - HWCardManager
    - HwCompass
    - HwDeskClock
    - HwFileManager
    - HwFMRadio
    - HwInternetAudioService
    - HwMediaCenter
    - HwMirror
    - HwMMIFunctionTest
    - HwMMITest5
    - HwMultiScreenShot
    - HwPowerGenieEngine3
    - HwProjectMenu
    - HwQrcodeDispacher
    - HwRemoteController
    - HwResolver
    - HwSoundRecorder
    - HwStartupGuide
    - HwVAssistant
    - HwWiFiDirect
    - KeyChain
    - LiveWallpapersPicker
    - MMIAutoTest
    - OMACP
    - PacProcessor
    - PartnerBookmarksProvider
    - PhotoTable
    - PrintSpooler
    - SmartcardService
    - Stk
    - UEIAndroidServicesSDK
    - UserDictionaryProvider
    - WAPPushManager

    *.*B380 files Updated (Priv-Apps)*.*
    - BackupRestoreConfirmation
    - Calendar
    - CellBroadcastReceiver
    - ConfigUpdater
    - DefaultContainerService
    - DownloadProvider
    - Email
    - Exchange2
    - ExternalStorageProvider
    - FusedLocation
    - Gallery2
    - HwCamera
    - HwMotionRecognition
    - HwNotePad
    - HwScreenRecorder
    - HwSmartKey
    - HwSmartShot
    - HwSystemManager
    - HwTrustAgent
    - HwVPlayer
    - HwWeatherClock
    - InCallUI
    - InputDevices
    - ManagedProvisioning
    - Mms
    - MmsService
    - ProxyHandler
    - SharedStorageBackup
    - Shell
    - Tag
    - Telecom
    - TelephonyProvider
    - TeleService
    - VpnDialogs
    - WallpaperCropper

    *.*Cust Apps update*.*
    - Swype Huawei (Emoji Works Now)
    - HP print Spooler

    *.*Google Apps update*.*
    - AppliGoogle
    - Drive
    - Gmail
    - PlayStore
    - GoogleTTS
    - YouTube
    - Services Google Play

    *.* Extra Apps Updates*.*
    - Link2SD
    - Kernel Adiutor
    - LED Manager
    - Signal Secure SMS
    - Sound Profile
    - Textra

    *.*NOT Updated (bug or Missing options)*.*
    - HwThemeManager => miss Font option
    - HwLauncher6 => miss Kang options
    - HwSecuritymanager => Error Message
    - Contacts => Force Close
    - HwVAssistant => Not Compatible
    - Keyguard => Not Compatible

    *.*NOT Updated coz KANG based*.*
    - Settings
    - SystemUI
    - Framework-res-hwext
    - Framework-res

    MM+Kang by WBT v2.5 EMUI 4.1
    - Same Add/delete Options from 2.3 (for 2.1 Users to keep compatibility)
    **Updated Gapps**
    - Google Webview
    - Play Store
    - Service Google
    - Google Now
    **Updated Systems**
    - Update to DigiKernel v1.2 (thx DigiGoon)
    - Delete hard root files wich superSU cannot uninstall
    - Update to superSU 2.78 for easy Unroot
    - Option to Add/Hide Xposed
    - Option Fast Reboot for link2sd/App2sd users
    **Updated Options**
    - Google Drive
    - MX Player and Codec
    - Signal (securised SMS/MMS)
    -Textra (SMS MMS)
    - Messenger
    - YouTube
    **Emoji choice like 2.3**
    - Android N
    - iOS 9.3
    - One + One
    - Windows
    - Twitter
    **Logs Cleaner Choice**
    MM+Kang by WBT v2.4 EMUI 4.1
    - Change OTA update system to:
    - Fix aroma freeze (aleatoire) when install for some users.
    - Fix "mount fail message" in aroma installer (cozed by OTA reboot recovery mode)
    MM+Kang by WBT (v2.2 test) and v2.3 EMUI 4.1
    - Fix Hivoice issues
    - Fix Drive mode issues
    **Update Google Apps**
    - Play Store
    - Service Google
    - Google Now
    **New Options Aroma **
    - AdBlock Browser
    - MX Player and Codec
    - Signal (securised SMS/MMS)
    - Smart E (chinese funnny assistant)
    -Textra (SMS MMS)
    - Messenger
    **Option to Keep/delete apps**
    - CM Browser
    - Doze Setting Editor
    - Kernel Adiutor
    - Led Manager
    - PM plus
    - Messenger
    - Huawei Music
    - Pwer Toogle
    - Swipe for OPO
    - True Call dialer
    - Xposed
    - Youtube
    **Emoji Options**
    - Android N
    - iOS 9.3
    - One + One
    - Windows
    - Twitter
    MM+Kang by WBT v2.1 EMUI 4.1
    **New Options Aroma **
    - Xposed Ready
    - Update Hi Voice
    - Update Google App
    - Add More Emoji Styles
    - Add Options to Choose Apps
    - Cleaned some system files
    MM+Kang by WBT v2.0 EMUI 4.1
    - Update Gmail
    - Update Google voice
    - Update Kernel Adiutor
    - Set default font size to 13
    MM+Kang by WBT v1.1b EMUI 4.1
    Add OTA support for next updates
    MM+Kang by WBT v1.1 EMUI 4.1
    - Update Drive
    - Update LED manager
    - Update KernelAdiutor
    - Update WPS (in cust)
    - Add Hw Video Player
    - Option for VLC player
    - Option for Boot DigiGoon v1.1
    <b>Thx and Credits : </b>
    =>DigiGoon @Xda For Kernel
    <b>Thx for test+feedback </b>
    =>nitrowarez @xda
    =>Caleidoscopio @xda
    =>apple-part @xda
    MM+Kang WBT v1.0 EMUI 4.1
    First realease beta

    - need to be on any B330/B370/B371 Rom before install.
    - TWRP 3.02 plank recommanded
    - KERNEL recommended is DigiKernel v1.2 (thx to @DigiGoon for his work)
    - To do changes / clean your Honor 7 MM+Kang rom , please read this post and use the Tool:
    THX and Credit :highfive:
    - kangVip team for based rom
    - Phonandroid
    - XDA
    - TeamWinRecoveryProject
    - Honor
    - Linux
    - Android
    - @vobiscum (xda) for the beautifull Pixel Theme
    - @JCLBrt (Phonandroid)
    - @cirdec123 (Phonandroid)
    - @kinkara (Phonandroid)
    - @aboumoslih (Phonandroid)
    - @DigiGoon (xda)for Kernel
    - @supers (xda)
    - @Chainfire (xda)
    - @osmosis (xda)
    - @wanamm(xda)
    - Google
    - Tell us if we forget You

    Frequently asked Question :
    - why my flashlight is not working ???
    =>ksettings/More settings/Auto close setting , Adjust the time you want for example 180s .
    => Another way is to open it with a widget from power toogle.

    - how to hide chinese in notif bar and lockscreen ???
    => see screenshot up , then K-Settings to remove "lunar" things
    - Where is Viper for Android ???
    => K-Settings/more settings/ViPER 4 Android FX
    - Magnify and lock button are installed but no iccon ???
    => - Curiously , they are now hided by K-Settings , But there is many way for lock screen
    1/ enable the Power key in K-settings/Navigation bar setting/
    2/ use Widget Power Toggles and add the widget, then open modifie it to get the TOGGLES Power button
    3/use Widget Power Toggles and add the widget, then open modifie it to get the APPLICATION and select Lock screen app
    The point 3/ can be used to get Magnifier too.

    Screenshot :

    - How to use Floatings Apps ?
    => Use Any K-Settings who propose you action choice , heres 2 examples


    - How to mod nav bar for hide button ?? it's smaller than before !!!

    About Notifications :
    Step 1:
    If you keeped PM+ at install :
    => Open PM+
    => Do "install" then go home
    Use Phone manager : now you got another icon for App auto-launch
    => select your Apps

    Even if you keep or not PM+
    Use Phone manager (tap the Battery icon at left down, will show menu) :
    => Power plan : set it to "Smart" ( performance is bull***t )
    => Protected apps : Select your protected apps

    Step2 :
    Open App you want to protect / then go back home
    Use "recent apps" inside Navigation bar :
    => swipe down your app , and a locked icon appear (will make this app started at boot and not killed in memory)
    => check with "cleaning icon" , they are not killed by yourself too.

    Step3 :
    In Settings / apps :
    => select your app
    At "Notifications" : Allow Notification
    => Give Priority display
    => Chose Method and lock Screen
    At "Battery" (Settings will be different for apps and how many you did use it)
    => Power-intensive prompt
    => System wakeup (can appear if you used big the app ... after time)
    => App auto-launch
    => Keep running after screen off

    Notifications not works for apps/datas backed up and restored with the huawei backup tool.
    Since the MMKang 3.1 , i've introduced the new version : but didn't test it.
    So prefer do a Titanium backup or use the TWRP ( Data backup)

    Download link:
    Hi Guys, i'm in the same circumstance.

    2€ for nothing link2sd don't work properly to move apps to SD despite the unit. D
    Hello warriors, i'am still working on v2.4
    - Add auto fast reboot for Link2sd/App2sd user (option) and new mount script.
    - Add option to root/unroot quickly
    - Add option to Xposed/Unexposed quickly
    - Update apps ... It may be ready today.
    Best regards.

    Envoyé de mon PLK-L01 en utilisant Tapatalk
    @Speedo.thc Awesome! keep up the good work buddy, I'll flash it as soon as possible. :)
    Hello, yes , this one is a crazy experience, systemUI/settings/framework_res/hwframework are coming from 4 different ROMs versions , and needed to get optimum options.

    Envoyé de mon PLK-L01 en utilisant Tapatalk
    @Speedo.thc are you aware of any news on CM for the Honor 7?

    Enviado desde mi PLK-L01 mediante Tapatalk

    Yes, it's a very good job.

    Please take a look at my problem
    In v3.1 i'll integrate lines related for voip , near the End of build.prop

    ###fixvoip_calls by speedo
    I'am not a facebook user , so i can't test this ...
    i have a look to Google duo app ,i've try it with My Honor7 and a Xiaomi Note2 ,without success on the Two devices, ...
    for now this app don't work on many devices, like i see at Playstore comments ...

    Hey @Speedo.thc

    I would like to thank you for this wonderful rom and it was nice to be one of the first members to test it and use it from the very 1st. Version up to date and I thank you for adding me to your rom Credits.
    In fact I have sold my honor 7 and bought honor 8 (FRD-L04) as an upgrade and I would be more than glad if you could port this nice rom to honor 8.
    Thanks again

    Hi , I don't really know when i will change my device , but if i change for Honor 8 , you will see me again :) thx for used my rom !!!
    Hello Warriors :D
    New OTA Update is Online (v2.3) official
    Changelog :
    - Update Google Messenger
    - Add HHwEAssistant :)
    - Update Hi Voice
    - Fix Vdrive force close
    - Option Textra
    - Option Signal SMS
    - Option Sound Profile
    - Option Titanium Backup
    - Option Adblock Browser
    - Option MX Player and Codecs
    - Option Mod Camera by [email protected]
    - New Script to delete Apps

    Have Fun :highfive:

    For Now :
    149 OTA users : :cool:
    526 Downloads : :eek: