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Do You Think That AD-Blocking is really a major step in Security?

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May 11, 2011
Hey, you said this or you are just not good with english?

"you" are hosting in my link?
please english carefully.

Anyway, I'm not angry or anything.
I hosted the files from this project until it was kind of paused. As there are still are many requests, i decided to use a more maintained hosts file - that was yours (kif it's ok for you). As soon as this project is alive again, i'll switch back to Jakes hosts-file.


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Sep 29, 2015
I hosted the files from this project until it was kind of paused. As there are still are many requests, i decided to use a more maintained hosts file - that was yours (kif it's ok for you). As soon as this project is alive again, i'll switch back to Jakes hosts-file.
oh ok.
I'm waiting to Jake to update also but it's getting too long.
Also, is dead, the one that produces 300k ad list and etc from malwarebytes.
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May 27, 2017
Apparently, hosts file is ignored by FF on my lineage 18.0.

And it works just fine from terminal using `ping`.

However I've tried:
- ensure /system/etc/hosts is Unix / ASCII
- ensure blank line at the end
- permissions are: 644
- restarted the phone after hosts modifications

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    MoaAB: Mother of All AD-BLOCKING > BLOCKS ADware Malware Spyware Bloatware Ransomware

    We can only dream of 'THE' Perfect AD & Malware Blocker...


    Dont wait any longer and start your quest in an AD free, Safer & Secure Experience.

    Start using MoaAB. DOWNLOAD Right Now.


    The Purpose of this Project is to make Device CLEANER, FASTER, SMOOTHER & FRIENDLY.

    The IDEA is to Minimize the ADs... NOT Total Eradication. Respect the Good Developers and there Revenues for Living.

    FREEDOM NOTE: My ADBlocking MOD realizes that advertising and revenue is important to OEM/App Developers and this is how they earn money, BUT too much Advertisements are instrusion to privacy (I am also an App Developer but I Really Dont Like ADs). Advertisements are not automatically blocked but users have the choice whether to block or not block by manually Fashing my ADBlocking CWM MOD.

    GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: This MOD will Save you CPU Processing used in Advertisement Contents, In-App Ads, Hidden App Call-Back Home Routines, Malware/Spyware Sites, In-App User Data Collection, Definitely... Stupid Garbage from Internet and Precious Bandwidth resulting Extended Battery Life and Money Saved in Internet bills. THINK ABOUT IT.

    >>> What is a 'hosts' file? What it Does? Whats in it for Me?
    The 'hosts' file contains the mappings of IP addresses to host names and loaded into memory (cache) at startup. Android OS checks the 'hosts' file before it queries any DNS servers, which enables it to override addresses in the DNS. This prevents access to the listed sites by redirecting any connection attempts back to the localhost (, which is a loopback and traffic is dropped instantly (saving your millions of money used by network traffic 2G/3G/4G). Another feature of the 'hosts' file is its ability to block other applications (bogus applications) from connecting to the Internet, providing the entry exists.

    'hosts' file is used to BLOCK ADs, BLOCK Banners, BLOCK 3rd Party Cookies, BLOCK 3rd Party Page Counters, BLOCK Web Bugs, BLOCK Web Hijackers, BLOCK Phishing Sites, BLOCK Malwares, BLOCK Spywares, BLOCK Trackers, BLOCK Unauthorized Application connections to web and BLOCK other Malicious activities...

    This is not 100% Protection but atleast it takes care of ALMOST ALL OF THE SECURITY ISSUES FACING FROM THE BAD SITES.

    For full Security, Use Antivirus or Security Suite from Android Market.

    >>> Performance Issue? Will my device run SLOW?
    I am using this 'hosts' file from my chilhood days and never had any performance issue to date, Although you might have a little delay in startup for few seconds (but you will not even notice) and then everything will be cool in standby and active mode. I say "Little delay is better than ADs, Malwares and Spywares..."

    Please Read this Post for RAM usage

    >>> Compatibility?
    5.1.x, 6.x, 7.x :angel: (5.0.x not supported, android memory leaks)
    DEVICE FAMILY: Anything which has 1 GB of RAM
    and atleast 1.2GHz CPU minimum.

    This MOD requires some amount of RAM (4MB - 8MB) and CPU for effective functionality. "Anything below the compatibility specs" might be working But wll be Slow and Laggy. PLEASE DO NOT PM me or POST on this thread for issues if so. I Don't and Won't Support.

    WiFi/Mobile: Please disable PROXY to use this 'MOD' else no blocking will happen.

    >>> How to install?
    Just Copy Paste the 'hosts' file in /system/etc or Import it in some ADBlock App locally or Import in NetGuard. Thats It. ENJOY

    >>> What is BLOCKED?

    In-App/Web ADs, In-App/Web Trackers, Malware/Spyware Domains, Tracker Cookies, Malicious Call-Back Home App Functions, Malicious 3rd Party Redirection Functions and Possibly Some Level of Virus/Trojan Protection and More...

    CAUTION: IMPORTANT NOTE to USERS This is not an APP but A Single file (MASSIVE ;)), So my packages is not altering any system functions, automating tasks, requiring frequent user interactions or installing/uninstalling system events. This package is not doing anything malicious but just sitting there and speaking/directing where to go or not... thats it. I hope All is Clear :angel: Please do not complain of bootloops, softbricks or hardbricks, i am not responsible :p

    CAUTION: IMPORTANT NOTE to APP DEVELOPERS & AD OWNERS This is not an Interception App or Reverse Engineering Code BUT an Android Standard defined for user configuration. I am trying to make my Device (which i own in terms of Hardware/Software which i Paid for) much CLEANER, FASTER, SMOOTHER & F
    RIENDLY for general use :angel:. My program will not alter any of the installed App/s or inject any interception code in your App/s :good:. All Request/s and Response/s are handled by OS (Android) layer. In no way to want to hurt the Developer BUT my priority is CLEAN DEVICE. :good:

    If anyone (Users or Developers) wants to exclude the domains or sub-domains from this MOD please PM me with possible reasons. I will be happy to help you.

    NOTE to USERS: Please Do not post your work in this thread. This is to avoid untested or duplicated or unstable work. You can defenitly share via some file share and PM the work to users OR Please create your own thread.


    This 'hosts' file will possible block harmful effects, active and passive intrusion of potential sites or apps but using this also/might block regular site and/or apps. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    I take no responsibility of any losses and damages to your Hardware or your Software component/s caused by this piece of code. You have been given the choice of NOT FLASHING or TO FLASH the ADBlocking CWM and yourself choosen the way to stop the ADs. This MOD might also block regular domains because of the extreme blocking nature. You will also be protected from Malware/Spyware/Bloatware but limited to the extent of updates. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :angel: HAPPY AD-BLOCKING

    >>> DOWNLOADs For Rooted (ROOT) and Non-Rooted (via VPN) Phone/s.


    If You are Complaining TOOO MUCH then Please Read this

    * Direct Link for ADBlock Apps: "" super credits to

    REVERT this MOD and Reset to Stock

    Safe & DNS IP for everyones use:

    Just add the above entries in your DNS settings.

    >>> How to Know if this MOD is WORKING???
    Go here & Follow instructions

    Public License for ROM and for
    Auxiliary Work
    You can Distribute my MOD with my Permissions. Distribution should include my XDA name 'BSDgeek_Jake' and Link to this 'ADBlocking MOD' thread in your Credits sections/About sections and Properly Visible to Human Eyes. Distribution should be synced with the latest MOD updates or Can be pointed to the MOD alternate download mentioned in this Post or my Profile Page. Please PM me for any queries. ;)

    NEW RULE for MoaAB Usage and Sharing:

    All permissions for shared work is NOW REVOKED except for ROM Developers. Please Re-request.

    2. No user is allowed to MIRROR or MAKE a COPY of MoaAB. Request for Permission before making any.

    3. Please Do Not FILL my thread Asking for LAST OLD NEW or FUTURE releases. Its a Free Work in my Busy Time. I dont Mind Helping, I Love to, but TOOOOOO MUCH will discourage my work.

    4. Please Search the thread before Asking for Questions. Most of are ALREADY answered and resolved. Self Help is the Best.

    5. Please use PM to share your Files, Screenshots and Configurations. Don't Post it onto my thread.

    6. Please Help me in Keeping MoaAB thread Visually Clean and Searchable.

    And... If You Like my MoaAB MOD... Remember to Press...Thanks button;)
    Dear Users,
    It seems that few of us are having problems with MoaAB and getting BLOCKED due to whatever reasons also calling the dev 'idi*t'. I feel WOW.

    Let me clarify all Users that this list is "Fine Tuned" to the extent that it Blocks "Almost" all ADs and ALSO, Virus, Malware, Spyware, Bloatware and blah blah blah, Read Post No#1 for detailed information on MoaAB.

    But again its not Perfect and No MOD or Software will ever be Perfect in 100% Blocking. My MOD is constantly updated and adding hand picked blocking and just not merging plain sources but combining it will commercial sources i have access to, clearing most of the invalid blocks and giving you the Full Flexibility to customize it as per your specific needs and Not needing Daddy to Help You Out, Just Remove the entries you dont want and Thats It. If Perfect blocking is required then Go and use AdBlock, AdAway or other Apps. You are always free to use and report issues but not to silly complain of your own.

    Always report me Whats is being Blocked and What to Block and i will Happy to do it for you in my spare time as time is very important for me to be more productive and earn my living and be with my family first. This is a FREE but PREMIUM WORK for You Guys. At Least be neutral if not Appreciate.

    Cheers. :good:
    to Obagleyfreer

    Thanks for this! If I already have a hosts file with lots of blocked addresses in my /etc and system/etc folders how can I add these?

    Thank you for your help

    Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda app-developers app

    Hi Obagleyfreer,

    You can append the hosts file to your '/etc/hosts' either by some terminal program (BetterTerminal) or copy your '/etc/hosts' to your PC and manually append then re-copy over USB.

    I strongly recommend to use my version of 'hosts' file over yours due to the fact that it contains updated BLOCKING Data from more than 5 sources. It also contains Custom BLOCKING Data based on my analysis.

    Happy BLOCKING.
    Update: 21 March 2014

    UPDATE: 21 MARCH 2014


    - Updated to latest Sources.
    - Removed lots of Not-So-Common & Least-Used Domains.
    - Updated Mobile AdBlocking Platforms.
    - Updated Malware Blocks.
    - Updated Commercial Block List, "my resources... ;)"
    - Processed User Requests.
    - aNd Other changes which i forgot...

    This Release is SUPER OPTIMIZED for Users who are in need for much lesser file size and Friendly MoaAB for there devices. All users SHOULD Flash this Release for Optimized ADBlocking experience.

    Idea is Minimum Overhead and Maximum Blocking.


    ENJOY :D ...
    ENJOY the Latest Update...

    Sorry guys this time no Changelog.


    transported frm i9500 AOSP AICP