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Kaan Tonyali

Apr 11, 2022
Hi all!

I've been using some custom ROMs for about 3-4 months and experiencing them.

Unfortunately for me, after one I installed, I started to face an issue on mobile's own handset.

For example; I tried that and the handset worked well just after installing Project Elixir 1.7 (ProjectElixir_1.7_ginkgo-12.1-20220523-1049-OFFICIAL).
But after a day (maybe restart phone for a few times), I got same issue:

- When I get a call or call someone, handset gives the sound out of the speaker directly and microphone doesn't work (nobody can not hear me when I am talking).

Otherwise, with headsets with cable or wireless ones on Bluetooth, phone caller works well.

I need to add this note, too; this problem occurs on some other custom ROMs.

Do you know any advice or suggestion to be able to fix the issue ?

Thanks in advance !


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Jul 8, 2016
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