mobiwire ogima custom rom

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May 28, 2018
I have a truly awful device called a mobiwire ogima, the hardware is nice but the software is some of the most shocking I've ever seen - and I used to program in access.
The soc inside is a mediatec mt6739, with nice big physical buttons but no touch-screen.

What I'm wondering is could I put a rom with another OS, hopefully something easy to use like Symbian or a standard android version. This is for an elderly user, so simpler is better ( instructions with more than 3 steps are pointless - and one of them is usually 'stop holding down the power button - that will tun it off' )

I'd like some input on if this is -
a) possible and
b) a good idea

If this isn't possible, my only other option is violence towards electronics possibly featuring power tools, followed by teaching a 90 year old how to use a touch screen without pushing so hard it cracks (true story, which is why I'm so attached to physical buttons for this)

xXx yYy

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Feb 4, 2017
AFAIK you can't replace existing Symbian OS by Android OS, because the Android OS is targeted specifically by the device manufacturers.