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[MOD][2018-09-23] OnePlus Camera M

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Jul 4, 2017
Bumping this. What's the best Google camera mod for OnePlus 6 to date? God bless someone reply to this

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    For OP5/5T thread, click here

    Don't hesitate to post your settings, samples and comparisons !

    Before installing

    If you have installed an update of Oneplus Camera before, you have to understand that the update is "above" the original system application. Because my mod replace the original system application, you will never see a difference because the current app will be the updated app and not the system app.
    To remove the update, go into the App Info of Oneplus Camera, press the tree dots in the top right and press "Uninstall Updates".

    - Based on 2.8.20 (New UI design and others improvements)
    - Fix issue of wrong orientation
    - Compatible with Android 8.1 and 9
    [B]2018-08-12 TEST [/B]
    - First release
    - Based on new version 2.7.3
    - Possibility to control sharpness post-applied
    - Possibility to control noise reduction
    - Only working on OP6 ! I don't have made a version compatible both for OP5 and OP6 yet.
    - This is a test version. I hope everyone plays with options available to find out bests configurations at certain conditions (bright light, mid-light and low-light). I can after that define a pattern to be applied according to what you decide.

    Magisk Module
    Older (2018-08-12 TEST)

    Big credits for
    @Arnova8G2 , massive thanks for helping me understand better Camera2 API and motivates me to do all this. Without him, this mod would be not here today.
    @DorianX for finding solution to get Panorama working
    New update :
    - Based on 2.8.20 (New UI design and others improvements)
    - Fix issue of wrong orientation
    - Compatible with Android 8.1 and 9

    Tell me if there is a bug or something else.

    Magisk module
    I have been really busy. But hey, I'm still here don't worry.

    Next week, release of Camera M with 2.8.20 or, if I have time, 2.8.30 (the latest one). Do you people have some rotating pictures issues when taking pictures with 2.8.20 and higher with OP6 ? And if yes, in which version are you ?
    Daylight conclusions
    ZSL for both sharpening and nr (standard OP6 setting) creates painting like photos. There's almost no more detail on the gray bricks left.

    Both set to off creates a very unprocessed looking image, perfect for further editing with good detail.

    A good compromise for a ready to go but not as overprocessed image with still lots of texture left on the bricks, no watercolor effect either, just some sharpening halos

    Insane amount of texture is there when using sharpening set to fast and nr set to off, for people who like it gritty:

    sorry for the changing light conditions, shouldn't affect the cameras' performance though.

    Is it possible to further reduce sharpening and nr than "fast". Something between "Off" and "fast" would be amazing.
    Hey @txx1219,

    I have just upgraded to HydrogenOS beta 2 and can see that the Camera App is newer in the beta than what you have released. Not sure if anything has changed but I have zipped up the two folders you're using if you want to make a newer version based on this?

    I have uploaded to my PCloud: https://my.pcloud.com/publink/show?code=XZWbFD7ZHQeiTMHULJ4JTxNj3hq15bmQDwrV

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