[MOD][21/12/2014]QuickWindow Apps for G3 Ported Roms

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Aug 5, 2008
Yes I haven't sorted out this prob. on cloudy 2.1
Well it's working fine on other g3 rom. The layout file for call ui on g3a is somewhat different from g3's layout.

Thank you for answer, Ashrockr.
I'm actually running cloudy 2.0 but I believe there is the same issue. Thanks again.

Eventually I've migrated to Optimus 1.4.1 and all works perfect. Thank you again, Ashrockr. BTW, is it possible to get an old-fashion clock like in G2 ROMs?
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Aug 1, 2007
Ashrockr, Do you think you can also ports this to CM12 / Lollipop based roms?

At the moment I'm rocking the Resurrrection Rom on my D802, but it's a shame that my QuickWindow is now useless :(


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May 31, 2014
New clock style (Combination of both analog and digital clock)

I couldn't remove the date bg. If someone can help, he'll be of great help.
FOR CLOUDYG3 2.0 and above.
It'll replace 2 clock.
If you want to revert back then flash QW_Cloudy_2.1_fix.zip


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May 31, 2014
Here's new one. It'll replace the 3rd clock.
CloudyG3 2.0/2.1

I flashed this twice with xdabbebs new g3 based Rom and it won't stick. My clock and apps stays round after flash and reboot

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Which files are you flashing?


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    G3 Roms Only

    Here are some of the QuickCircle Apps which are converted to QuickWindow.

    Apps included
    3.Call Logs
    5.LG Health
    6.LG Message

    1.Go to recovery mode.
    2.Flash following files for your rom.

    For Cloudy G3 2.1 / 2.2 Users
    1. Flash QW_Cloudy_2.1_fix_v2.zip
    Don't flash any other file.

    For Optimus G3 1.4.1 Users
    1. Optimus_G3_Fix.zip
    Don't flash any other file.

    For Other Users
    1. Quickwindow_ fix_v2.zip
    2. LGMessage_fix.zip
    3. Call_log_fix.zip
    Don't flash any other file.

    UPDATE [21/12/2014]:-
    Incoming Call UI Fixed for CloudyG3 2.1 !!!!

    If you encounter any problem then mention the rom you are using.
    If you flashed a wrong zip file then simply reflash your rom without wiping anything.
    Don't ask to make a port for some rom.

    Watch faces for CloudyG3 2.0/2.1
    ---------> Link

    Thanks to
    @Cloudyfa for vrtheme
    @OptimusRs for Message Fix.

    And that's all.
    Feel free to include it in your roms but do notify and give credit :cool:.
    Nice work, @Ashrockr

    It's not perfectly yet but somehow it save a ton of time trying to patch system files. If you dont mind I'll use some of them in my next release :)

    Anyway, I suggest you to include fixed files only instead of the whole packages like what you did, it'll be compatible with most ROMs and much more smaller also.

    I've already done that for you (merged all your fixes into one flashable file). Feel free to host it wherever you like and let me know so I can delete the attachment.
    Flash this file to remove the annoying circle animation.
    Added custom clocks!!
    Flash QW_Cloudy_2.0_fix_v2.1.zip.
    @ fox if possible can you port the analog clock design from the stock based roms onto this... Those designs were pretty nice (especially the silver analog clock)

    I will create a simple tool, so you can create whatever you want. It should be completed tomorrow soon, since my PC decided to stop work correctly.

    EDIT: Since my pc is nearly to die ( really, is a pain in the **** to use it ) i cant give an ETA about the program. But i will finish it as soon as possible.
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