[MOD][4.0.3+][32-bit] Dolby Digital Plus (Huawei) [r9]


Oct 20, 2015
This is basically the Dolby Digital Plus audio effect ported from the latest Huawei Ascend P6 beta kitkat rom.
I also ported the configuration app which you can launch from the launcher.

- Notes
If you flash this on Lollipop, make sure you uncheck "Use NuPlayer" in Developer options!!
When having FC's, put SELinux in permissive!!! SELinuxModeChanger
This started out as a Nexus 4 only project, but should work on any device now

- Versions
v1 - 20/03/2014
- Initial release

v2 - 20/03/2014
- Added /system/etc/dolby_config.xml
- Modified DolbyMobileAudioEffectService to load config from /system/etc instead of /data/cust/.../xml
- Added revert

v2.1 - 20/03/2014
- GlobalDolbyEffect uses default theme now, not Light anymore
- Flash this update after flashing v2 (it only updates the apk)

v2.2 - 23/03/2014
- Removed unused permissions from DolbyMobileAudioEffectService
- Resigned DolbyMobileAudioEffectService with CM platform key
- Flash this update after flashing v2 (it only updates the apk)

v3 - 25/03/2014
- Two versions now, one for stock based roms, one for CM based roms
- In CM based version, the DolbyMobileAudioEffectService uses shareduserid android.uid.system. This should make the service running without
a notification.

v4 beta - 27/03/2014
- Merged DolbyMobileEffectService into GlobalDolbyEffect
- Disabled call to startForeground (This disables the notification, but now the service could be killed by the system in case of memory shortage)
- When connecting a headset, a notification icon will be shown and you can change presets by clicking on the notification.
- Still in beta, I'm still testing it, but it seems to run fine, and the service wasn't killed yet in a few hours of listening to music.
Feedback is welcome !

v5 - 23/05/2014
- Target sdk changed to 17
- GlobalDolbyEffect.apk signed with private key

r6 beta - 26/11/2014
- New install script
- On lollipop or higher, new app folder structure is used. On older versions old structure is used.
- Audio_effects.conf is patched now, not overwritten, flashing this mod doesn't disable other effects.
- Added audio effects api v2 library, so it should work on <4.3 versions
- Revert zip patches audio_effects.conf now, so no other effects will be disabled during revert.

r7 - 09/12/2014
- Materialized icon
- Added addon.d script, on supported roms it survives rom updates now
- Reverter deletes addon.d script

r8 - 03/01/2014
- Hide from recents

r9 - 08/01/2015
- Also hide alert dialog from recents
- Final release, i don't think i can improve it much further.


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Dolby Digital Plus (Huawei), App for the Google Nexus 4


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Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: r9
Stable Release Date: 2015-01-08

Created 2014-12-02
Last Updated 2015-01-08
can you make a 64bit version