[Mod] [Ainur Audio addon] Ciaomeme Audio+ [21.01.2022 update]

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Jul 30, 2020
Hey boroo realy cool! how did you edit the acdb? What about the 150hz cutoff? I made a stereo sound mod for samsung device and ended up with the horrible sound at high volume


Mar 26, 2014
how to get this working ? im on 12.5 miui global , installed that , nothing changed, it says AUDIO CONFLICT found , flash AUDIO Modification Library

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    This mod is for xiaomi k20, k20 pro, k20 premium, mi9t, mi9t pro, mi9
    I am not planning to make anything for any other device. I'm also not taking orders on features adding.
    Mod might be unstable at this point

    - 21.01.2022: added fully retweaked ACDB for k20pro/mi9tpro

    - MMT-EX installer by @Zackptg5
    - Support for [Ainur Audio] mods
    - Various Q HAL config edits
    - Companders turned off if no Narsil/Sauron detected
    - Forced Hifi mode if no Narsil/Sauron detected
    - Modular installer

    - Headphone audio+
    - Fully retuned system audio
    - Attempt to eliminate midbass peak & Overall flatten response
    - Slightly raised digital/analog gain

    - Speaker stereo & audio+
    - Full blast stereo mode
    - Increased volume
    - Retuned TFA amp
    - Retuned speaker calibration
    - 150hz cut off HPF for earpiece speaker

    - Recodring & Microphone+
    - Turned on ambisonic capture & audio zoom
    - Fluence pro recoding mode
    - Noise & Echo cancellation for DSP turned on
    - Slightly upped volume for capture & noise suppressor

    Mod is provided as is.
    If you experience crackling noises during speaker playback - lower the volume, or stop using this mod.
    I made everything to make it as safe as possible, but any modifications performed for speaker might decrease its lifespan.
    You have been warned. I'm not responsible for any damage that might occur to your device.

    1. Mixer paths edits will take time during flashing - give it full time to finish them!
    2. I advice to clean dalvik/cache after mod flashed, so that calibrations for Aqstic & TFA gets backed during bootup

    As with any other [AA] mod - make catlog if you booted, but lost sound
    If you don't boot - make adb logs
    If something happened during recovery flashing - ciaomeme_debug.log generated to sdcard (and don't send these for problems above)

    I'm not granting any permission to reuse files provided in mod archive. They are easily trackable. If you think users of your rom might be interested in this mod - simply link back this thread.
    Same for magisk - I'm planning to upload it to repo as soon as people on various devices test it out. Any kangs would be immediately issued to repo moderators.

    - removed deprecated stuff
    - added redone ACDB for mi9tpro/k20pro
    - mmtex canary magisk support
    - Some props fixes
    - ACDB updated
    - Volumekeys addon upd
    - MMT-EX installer support for magisk 20.4
    - MMT-EX installer
    - aml support update
    - Unity installer v5 update
    - Further fixes for 10 environment support
    - Installation fixes for 10 support
    - Critical fixes
    - Critical bootloop fixes
    - Overhaul to modular installer
    - Stereo playback for notifications
    - Voice messages recording fix
    Downloadable taken down untill further notice.

    A the moment NONE (including Narsil & Sauron) of Ainur mods working for selected meme devices running android 10. The bug is probably due to broken recovery. All the mixer edits are either skipped, or improperly applied, thus breaking structure, which leads to bootloop. This doesn't seem to be an issue on any other OEM. Probably have to wait till meme releases proper sources.
    Found some workarounds & made fixes. This time thx to @RayInkube for staying with me and fixing all this crap. For some reason only stereo doesn't work for him.
    Alright, so another try is in the OP.
    Basically what is going on is described here: https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/issues/2109 . 10 has new place for some binaries, both twrp & magisk have issues using them during flashing. Twrp temporary fix is in the latest update, as of the magisk - you can try downloading and flashing Q fix in recovery & then trying to flash the mod with magisk after reboot (report if that'll work).