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[MOD] [APP][KERNEL][RECOVERY] [m7ul] RomSwitcher | Multiboot

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Feb 6, 2010
Hey guys :)

I have a question :

I want to have color os rom (sense based) as first rom and OneDroid rom as second rom.

I know that I have to modify the updater skript in the rom zip of OneDroid (Aosp) and the gapps.zip.
But the problem is that OneDroid has preinstalled gapps. That means I have now gapps.zip, which I can modify.

What can I do to get this mod working ?


EDIT:// Maybe it is possible to delete the preinstalled gapps of the rom.zip and download a android 4.4.2 gapps.zip from goo manager, where I am able to modify the gapps.zip like desired ?
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    proudly presents

    Multiboot for HTC One

    	Your warranty is now void
    	I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards
    	thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please
    	do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this MOD
    	before flashing it! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if
    	you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

    Team: https://github.com/RomSwitchers/RomSwitcher
    Recovery: https://github.com/RomSwitchers/android_bootable_recovery/tree/cm-10.2-m7ul
    Kernel: https://github.com/n3ocort3x/android_device_htc_m7ul
    Ramdisk: https://github.com/RomSwitchers/RomSwitcher-m7ul
    App: https://github.com/RomSwitchers/RomSwitcher

    Boot multiple ROMs on your device
    (up to 5 ROMs, Only ROM1 can be Sense)
    Easy install multiple ROMs through CWM based recovery
    App Sharing between ROM1 and ROM2
    Data Sharing between ROM1 and ROM2 (experimental, ROM1 must be AOSP)
    Setup a password which will protect your ROMs
    OTA updates
    teaMseven's awesome kernel

    To do list
    Run ROMs through OTG
    Manual boot

    How to install
    Check if busybox and superuser are installed
    Make sure your internal SD card has at least 1GB free space (one AOSP ROM + Gapps requires about 650MB)
    Download RomSwitcher App: Direct Download
    Follow the instructions on the App
    From the App - More - and Install RomSwitcher Recovery
    Reboot to Recovery
    In romswitcher section install a ROM of your choice

    Grarak MaDc0w

    Do you want support Grarak?
    You can buy him a beer via PayPal
    Press Thanks
    Press "Tip us?" above the OP
    Rate this Thread with 5 Stars
    Report bugs

    Known Issues and Bugs


    AndreiLux (helping and perseus kernel)
    Intervigil, codeworkx, Faryaab (device tree)
    Gokhanmoral (using some scripts of his Siyah Kernel)
    JijonHyuni (init scripts)
    DerTeufel1980 (recovery scripts)
    Chenglu (touch recovery source)
    CyanogenMod (CWM)
    Google (AOSP)
    Samsung (5410 kernel source)

    Disturbed™ (testing and support)
    [email protected] (RomSwitcher Banners)

    n3ocort3x and tbalden for kernel

    remind me if I forget to give credits to anybody..


    16 Nov
    Update kernel to teaMseven's v53

    11 Nov
    Update kernel to teaMseven's v52

    30 Oct
    Update kernel to teaMseven's v51
    Added CIR fixes

    20 Oct
    New App, Recovery and ramdisk
    Support multiboot of 5 ROMs
    Update kernel to teaMseven's
    Major changes and fixes

    03 Oct
    Synced with latest CM
    minor changes

    29 Sep
    Synced with latest CM
    data and cache now on data/media

    16 Sep
    appsharing changes

    13 Sep
    Synced with latest CM
    appsharing alpha

    04 Sep
    Synced with latest CM
    Fixed camera

    02 Sep
    Initial Release

    I swear the file disappeared!

    Should work now.

    On another note, after the holidays we'll work some more on 4.4.
    First tests work rather well, Also working on TWRP as recovery instead of CWM.
    OK, Everything seems stable enough on my setup.

    OP, App, Recovery(new), ramdisk ect updated.

    I would suggest wiping RomSwitchers data and uninstalling it (ROM2 also), redownload and install it clean from ROM1.
    Install recovery from RomSwitcher and install your ROM2 new.
    Since we are not using /cache anymore you can wipe that clean. Your ROM2 should be able to still use the /data and /cache but will create a system.img in /.firstrom/media/.secondrom/ now instead.