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[MOD] [AROMA] [*new update*]♧ Best Camera Audio Image Optimize for LG-G3 [AOSP][CM]

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    [MOD] [AROMA] [*new update*]♧ Best Camera Audio Image Optimize for LG-G3 [AOSP][CM]

    credit go to Androidcid and blisspop
    CONFIRMED WORK ON aosp based rom LP 5.1 & 5.1.1



    Lenovo Super Camera Audio Image Optimize for LG-G3 . It is the best custom camera app I've seen for our devices with a ton of options and you will definitely love it.

    new version :
    thanks to Androidcid
    changelog :
    new engine for video quality
    fixed some problems they cause laggy
    4k fo CM and Blisspop
    video bitrates updates

    link :
    new update : here


    Best Camera Audio Image Optimize for LG-G3

    or from bliispop wepsite : mprvrsn_may_3_Camera-Image-Optimize_LG-G3_V9.zip

    problems solved :

    -link in the camera to the photos is not working:install lenovo gallery.
    -hdr working

    when front camera isnt working : push photo review and go back , then itll work again

    [COLOR="Red"]gallery[/COLOR] androidfile-host- https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=95916177934544380 thanks to zwollywood.

    update !!Version ANDROMEDA I

    By Androidcid

    <*>MOD Fixes
    <*>Bravia Engine
    <*>Androidcid Scripts
    <*>4K Option for Google Camera and more Camera
    <*>AOSP and STOCK Options
    <*>Improve Camera Stock
    <*>Removed Bootanimation fix
    <*>Qualcomm Snapdragon Camera

    download link
    how does this camera mod compares to the m9 port?

    I still prefer M9 Camera port, camera itself its better... image quality about the same, il go for m9 IMO
    working for stock rom lollipop??

    No is for aosp based rom . xcam is the best cam for stock lollipop