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It's embedded with the drivers.. you can have a general control through V4A.
Mate working good on tmobile s6 running marshmallow love all the profiles good job mate all the other mods wasn't working good but this one is working great :good: will continue to test I used the profiles in the Bluetooth section under convolver because I use Bluetooth thanks a lot working very well
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Feb 26, 2013
Make sure it's in legacy partition, this is the policy of V4A.

Soon in 2 weeks I will update the sound system, perhaps make it work on a wider range of phones.

Thanks! It worked.

And yes. This mod shall be made compatible for more devices. It's a great mod. By the way, Is it possible to add an application to control the audio? There can be some preset audio profiles in that application (e.g. mid-boost, bass-boost, balanced etc.) and users can use profiles that suites their taste. I think this addition will make the mod perfect!
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May 20, 2014
Unable to move irs files from Soulgasm kernel folder to Viper4android kernel folder. W8 flat running Xtrestolite latest. After install I needed to update SuperSU and Viper drivers. I was so close! Just can't move the files for some reason. I've tried different file explorers.

Update: after I installed Twisted kernel v4 I was able to move the files. I didn't have a permissive kernel as OP stated. Duh.
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    Welcome to Soulgasm Sound System thread!




    #include <std_disclaimer.h>
     * Your warranty is now void.
     * I am not responsible for any bricked devices, dead SD cards,
     * or any kind of damage to your phone whether soft or hard brick


    When your soul, brain and body are in synchronization, and you are unable to formulate actual words while experiencing an intense enthusiasm about the music you're listening to, it is said that you are having a Soulgasm. ;)


    • 728 HD Impulse Response Files.
    • Perfect compatibility with the latest V4A (FX v2.4.0.1).
    • Full Android MM 6.0 Support.
    • 3D Surround support.
    • 48,000Khz Sampling Rate.
    • Dolby Atmos/Plus.
    • Beats Audio/Speaker + AwesomeBeats.
    • Harmon Kardon Audio.
    • xLoud + Clearphase + ClearAudio.
    • SRS (WOW, TRU BASS, Definition).
    • DTS.
    • Pure Audio.
    • MegaBass.
    • Alsa.
    • Pon-3 Audio.
    • eXpress Engine.
    • Added a mechanism to backup/restore your original sound drivers.

    1. Rooted Device.
    2. Permissive Kernel.


    Download Link - AFH

    Tested On:
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C (6.0.1 Working)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910G (6.0.1 Working)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910F (6.0.1 Working)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910C (5.1.1 Not Working)
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910F (5.1.1 Not Working)
    • HTC One m9 (Not Working)
    • Nexus 5x (Tesla ROM Not Working)
    • HTC One M8 (Not Working)
    • Nexus 6p (6.0.1 Not Working)


    Ben Feutrill, for sound drivers and great base.
    zhuhang, for V4A and some of the IRs.
    tranceman1989, for some of the IRs.
    blazzer12, for some of the IRs.
    BSDgeek_Jake, for some of the IRs.
    Psycho_666, for the logo.

    :good: Put on your headphones, sit back and get BRAINGASMS! :good:


    XDA:DevDB Information
    Soulgasm Sound System, App for all devices (see above for details)

    Hani K.

    Version Information
    Status: Stable
    Current Stable Version: v1

    Created 2016-04-15
    Last Updated 2016-04-18
    How to add Impulse Responses:

    1. Flash the MOD with recovery.
    2. Open V4A, Install the drivers, and reboot.
    3. Open V4A, Menu, UI Settings > Expert.
    4. Go to headphones tab, go to Impulse Responses, make sure its Enabled, then click on Impluse Response, it will tell you that the folder is empty. Now it has created the folders for you.
    5. Got to your Internal storage, a folder called EargasmSoundSystem.
    6. Copy the IR responses from the Kernel folder, and paste them in this directory /storage/emulated/legacy/ViPER4Android/Kernel/
    7. Check the Impulse Response in V4A, and all files should be there.
    8. Enjoy.

    I have added few pre-made Profiles, that you can paste in Profile folder in the same directory.

    How does the backup/restore mechanism work?

    • When you flash Soulgasm mod, the system will backup your device's original sound files and drivers that conflict with the mod and save them in the location /sdcard/SoulgasmSoundSystem/Backup/.
    • When you want to remove the Mod, all you need to do is flashing Soulgasm Remover.zip and it will remove the mod and restore your previous sound files.
    • Note: Flashing the MOD twice in a row will overwrite your original files' backup with the files after flashing the mod.


    • Added a mechanism to backup/restore your original sound drivers.
    Great hani brotha
    Going to try this now, If its anything like your ultimate sound mod then I'm going to enjoy it

    It's even better.

    I was told to come check out this thread and your new mod. Looking good to me .
    @Hani K.
    Gotta say I luv all the irs files you included with this mod. I'll be testing this later and let you know how it works out..

    And thanks for Contributing to the community once again.


    Getting this after installing the driver and rebooting?. Going to restore my back to get back to where I was b4 trying this.

    Ok, can you please state the ROM and kernel you're using?
    V4A is not getting root access to install its own drivers.

    installation guide? just flash the zip?
    work on lg g2 320?
    is it a mod on android sound system?
    anyway to undo the change?
    more info plz

    If you could make an uninstall recovery would be helpful.
    I will test this on my Note4-N910C running MM.


    I will create an SSS_Remover.
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