[MOD] Beats Audio, xReality, xLoud single zip

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New member
Jul 26, 2016
Works Like a Charm...!!

Tried on Micromax Canvas A1 model AQ4502....
Flashed on CustomRom Validus.

Works pretty well, GOOD JOB.!!! :D:cowboy:

can't open built-in equalizer..but the presets are already great...:good::good::good:

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    Beats Audio + xReality + xLoud, all in one single zip.

    • Beats Audio modules for authentic sound.
    • xLoud audio filter which increases clarity at loud volumes.
    • xReality(Bravia Engine 3) which enhances the display quality.
    • A Jellybean phone, rooted of course. (ICS users may try at their own risk. And GB users may try this only in order to brick their device.)
    • Taking a backup. (If you don't take a backup and then tell me to help you out, then I'll simply laugh at your face.)
    Difference from MOD v2
    • All the earlier bugs have been fixed.
    • Beats Audio has been configured so configuring it is no longer required.
    • Major Improvements. (Courtesy: Newer Modules)
    Prerequisites for MOD v1 & MOD v2 Users(Skip this if you haven't used my MOD before)
    • Please format your phone, to fully enjoy this MOD.
    Instructions (Experienced Flashers feel free to skip this)
    • Grab the MOD from Post #2
    • Place the .zip file in the root of your SD Card (In simple language don't put it in any folder)
    • Now go into your Droid's Recovery Mode (If you don't know how to go into recovery mode then search on Google. Different phones have different ways to go into recovery mode)
    • For CWM Users: Select “install zip from sdcard” and then select “choose zip from sdcard” now select the .zip file
    • For TWRP Users: Select "Install" and then select the .zip file
    • Done.
    • Bluetooth Music Streaming might not work.
    • Might not work on various devices running AOSP based Custom ROMs.
    • If Xposed Modules fail to work (If you don't know what this is then, just skip this)
      Open up "Xposed Installer" then select "Clean Up".
      Now reboot.
      Open Xposed Installer again and then select "Install/Update".
      Now reboot again.
      Open up Xposed Installer again and tick the Modules you want to use.
      Now reboot once more.
      Done, now you can use your Xposed Modules
    • Can I get Solo zips (For instance, only Beats Audio or only xLoud)
      Sorry I won't be providing single zips, but XDA has lots of talented developers which would provide you with what you need. So, simply search for it.
    • Can I get a Removable zip
      Sorry Again I won't be able to provide that. Basically different devices have different files which my MOD overwrites. So in order to create removable zip I must Download each devices's system dump, which is technical impractical. This is the reason why I'm telling you that it is important to take a backup.
    • Can I use your MOD in my ROM
      Go ahead. Just let me know once done.
    • I can't find the Beats Audio app
      This MOD automatically configures Beats Audio for your device, you don't need to enable it as it will always be up and running.
    • XYZ module is not working
      It is not necessary that a module will work on our device. Most of the times it doesn't work because your device's hardware won't support Sony or HTC's exclusive modules as it would rely on the hardware too.
    Tested and Working on:
    • HTC Sensation XL - 4.1.1
    • LG Optimus G - 4.3 AOKP
    • Micromax Canvas HD - 4.1.2 & 4.2.1
    • Motorola Moto G - 4.4.2
    • Motorola Moto X - 4.4.2
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 - CM 10.1.3 & 10.2
    To help in elongating this list further, please report back with your Droid's name and the Android version it's running on if this worked in your device.

    Want to check out older versions of this MOD then click here.
    Facing issues or Love my work? Just let me know.
    Download Link

    Beats Audio + xReality + xLoud: LINK (MOD v3 Released: 2013-09-09)

    Kindly report back with your Droid's name and it's Android version if this MOD worked in your device.
    Want to check out older versions of this MOD then click here.
    Facing issues or Love my work? Just let me know.

    What's cooking:
    • APP (Installer)
    • Backup & Restore
    • Customise installation (Select desired Modules)
    • Updated modules (of course)
    • ETA: MODv4 will take some time to arrive as the new modules have shown horrible compatibility with other devices. So apparently things are not going so well for the me as Sony and HTC are trying hard not to let their exclusive advancements slip away to other devices.
      [EDIT] As of May 7th 2014 the MODv4 development has been discontinued as it is showing poor compatibility
    Preserved for Future Use

    Contains Class-II Preservatives.
    After installing this mod...video and audio playback fail..its say unsupported device..

    Sent from Cyanogen Mod 4.3
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