[MOD] BlackenedMod v11.2 (Pixel 2 / Pixel 2 XL)

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Actually "none" right now because I've to clean flash my P2 from scratch because a failed dirty flash of the December security patch seems to have corrupted my /data partition, so can't even boot into the home launcher without having it force closing on me non stop.
So strange I had the same thing happen to me. Super sucked on my end since I didn't even have a twrp backup to fall back to. Also the first time I seem to have gotten a corrupt /data partition from dirty-flashing an update. Oh well, all good now.


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Nov 5, 2012
Cant get the script to work, what to do? Or is there something blocking it from executing or what? Idk
Running elementalx kernel, have edxposed installed, have the required magisk modules


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May 1, 2014
Did you use the workaround script too ?
If no, try making the folder manually with the name logs on this directory /storage/emulated/0/ , then reboot your device once more

The scripts are here /storage/self/primary/logs

Should they be in storage/emulated/0 ?

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The scripts are here /storage/self/primary/logs

Should they be in storage/emulated/0 ?



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Apr 19, 2013


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May 1, 2014


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Aug 28, 2007
New Caney, TX
Google Pixel 6 Pro
So move the logs to there then? Not sure why they appeared on that path

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They seem to be located in both places.

Is that right?

Also do you have to have a custom Kernal
installed to work or can I use just the stock kernal?

No, there's no need to move the logs there. Just make sure that that folder exists, and the next time you reboot, as long as you put the script files in the correct folder, with the correct permissions, the log files will appear in that logs folder, a few minutes after reboot.

Stock kernel is fine.
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Oct 23, 2016
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Hey guys, I got a question. Is there anything in this script that disables wifi related wakelocks or wifi-related stuff on the kernel level? Trying to find the reason my "automatically turn on wifi" setting doesn't work on my Pixel 2 XL.


Jan 31, 2018
Beardtown, USA
Not sure this is working properly. Nothing is broken, and the files are in the right folders, just not really noticing as big a battery savings as normal. Maybe you've squeezed all the batt life out of this device that's possible :p May just clean flash and reinstall.


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May 25, 2013

Note: It is recommended that you reboot your phone after you have applied v11.2 so the personal and fully customized changes takes full effect and is fully up & running as intended. Don't forget to also flash the Busybox Magisk module!

Version v11.2 (Minor release):
- Made a few of the network tweaks optional (But if you haven't faced any issues on v11+ - comment in em' again)
- Added in the correct version number in both the header and both output logs (actually forgot to add this on v11.1)

If you optionally want to donate a beer or five as a way to show your appreciation for all the dedicated hours and work that I am putting into this mod on a daily rate - then this link is the way to go:


Enjoy! :)

Is the mod compatible with viper4android?

I had tried this mod long back and wasn't working with v4a then

Kindly advise.

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    Hello everyone!

    The idea to this 'project' did blossom after having an conversation with @pkgnex about the general idea of creating something else that follows what he started with his PK's Tuning Script but with a twist, mainly as a complement to his own thread that you can find here, but also with a completely different vision and focus on what the script itself should achieve (and deliver) for kind of results for myself and for all of you personally, of course, that wants to try it out and use it as a "daily driver".

    Shortly explained.

    This script is created with the goal of improving both the battery life and performance of our Pixel 2 (XL) devices, and after a whole range of configurations and various set-ups, I've come up with something that, in my eyes, is worth sharing with you so that you can try it out yourself and judge on your own, with constructive feedback on what can be improved or added in future releases - if desired. My philosophy is, and will always be, this:

    If something can be improved or altered in a positive way so the average user can feel and see a difference, then go for it. Non stop.

    The latest release can be found here.

    This is presented as "what if". If this modification screws up or breaks anything for you, I am not the one to be held responsible. It's a free will to try out this kind of changes/modifications/addons/tweaks, just don't blame the inventors for eventual bad results and/or screw-ups.

    Note: This script is not recommended to be modified or customized by the user.

    • Reduced battery consumption
    • Device specific enhancements for best possible balance between battery life & performance
    • Enabled, and fully configured, Boeffla generic kernel wakelock blocker
    • Disabled a lot of useless stuff at kernel level (Improves battery life as well as performance)
    • CPUSet improvements & optimizations
    • Schedtune tweaks (Improves responsivness)
    • Power efficiency enhancements
    • Wide IO block tuning (Reduces the possibility of hiccups, lags and overhead)
    • Possibly other miscellaneous things I've forgotten to write down here, both big and small.

    Requirements/what you need for getting this script fully working:
    • An unlocked bootloader
    • Your own specific choice of kernel
    • Latest possible version of Magisk
    • Busybox for Android NDK (by @osm0sis) and SQLite for ARM aarch64 devices (by @ianmacd) Magisk Modules
    • Patience

    Installation/How-To use & abuse:
    • 1) Download the attached ZIP
    • 2) Extract the scripts
    • 3) Move both scripts to the following location;
      /data/adb/service.d and give both of them the following permissions (0775)
    • 4) Reboot your phone, let Android boot to the launcher and let Magisk boot service do its crucial magic (takes a few seconds before the scripts is fully up and running around behind the scenes)
    • 5) Enjoy!
    • Note: If you still are unsure how to do for making my kernel configuration / modification work & be up and running behind the scenes, then please read @Phalanx7621 phenomenal guide here or check out @Phalanx7621 in-depth video here. The installation method is the same for both the first generation as well as the second generation of Pixels!
    • @nathanchance for his contributions with his Flash Kernel
    • @franciscofranco for all the information on which kernel wakelocks that is safe to block
    • @Phalanx7621 for his phenomenal how-to guide
    • @Lord Boeffla for his awesome generic kernel wakelock blocker
    • @pkgnex for inspiring me walking into this partially unknown territory.
    • @flar2 for his excellent EXKM application and ElementalX Kernel
    • @osm0sis for his Magisk Busybox module
    • Everyone that I've forgotten to mention here
    If you want to try out betas / previews of my script before they are officially released, or just hangout and chat a little, then join the official Telegram group here

    To-Do list:
    • Port this project to all of my additional devices
    • Include kernel specific scripts for every released P2(XL) custom kernel Done
    • - Even for stock kernel with SafetyNet patch by @iissmart Done
    • Optimize and properly tune things even further for best possible balance between battery life, system responsivness and performance Done
    • If you optionally want to donate a beer or five as a way to show your appreciation for all the dedicated hours and work that I am putting into this mod on a daily rate - then this link is the way to go!


    Created: 2018-09-18
    Last updated: 2019-11-04

    Note: I am sorry for the delayed release of v9.0, but a few unforeseen issues and anomalies did show up along the road during the creation process of this version, but thanks to the help of a few people over at Telegram, everything was sorted out and fixed faster than I first thought was actually possible. I couldn't actually made this without anyone of you to be honest, so thanks a lot for all the very important and needed feedback & user input.

    You know who you are!

    As always before - don't forget to reboot your phone after you have applied v9.0 so the changes and improvements is fully applied & up and running as it is intended. Do not also forget to share both your general feedback and overall impressions with us / me whenever you have the time!

    v9.0 (Major release)
    - Shifted to a all-in-one generic script that works on every kernel that have been released for the Wahoo line-up
    - Re-wrote & re-organized a few parts of the script / config
    - Tuned & adjusted the maximum backlight dimmer value
    - Fixed the various battery drain / battery life regressions that a few of the previous versions may have caused
    - Added a few "easter eggs" that is now possible to control and enable & disable directly within the script
    - Shifted to use the previously labeled Maintainer Release as the 'stable base' for the future releases from now on.
    - Tweaked a couple kernel network based parameters for improved networking efficiency and performance
    - Some additional and critically needed miscellaneous clean-ups here and there for overall stability reasons

    Enjoy! :)

    Version 9.3 (Major release):
    - Decreased Schedtune foreground boost value to 5
    - Fully underclocked the GPU down to 515Mhz
    - Added so you are given, if wished, the option to either use stock msm-adreno-tz or the originally Samsung forked simple_ondemand GPU governor directly within the main script
    - (Note: Default / pre-enabled GPU governor is still msm-adreno-tz)
    - Disabled TTWU_QUEUE (leads to improved placement of tasks, based on stale statistics, on msm devices)
    - Added in & adjusted / pre-configured so you can enable IOWait Boost for both CPU clusters directly on-the-fly
    - Disabled 'tcp_slow_start_after_idle' for overall faster network resume when coming out from idle / deep sleep
    - Added in so you can tune and adjust Sultans CPU input boosting driver directly within the script itself if wished
    - Modified the output log message a little for the main script
    - Increased Magisk sleep timer to 120 seconds (this fixes the issue with a non-generated log once the main script have been executed and is fully up and running as intended)

    Enjoy! :)

    Note: It is recommended that you reboot your phone after you have applied v9.1 so the changes / improvements takes full effect and is fully up & running as intended.

    Version 9.1 (Christmas Edition)
    - Removed the possibility to either enable or disable Google Play Services background services because of system as well as userspace stability reasons
    - Added a detailed changelog to the BlackenedMod ZIP
    - Decreased stune foreground boost value down to 5
    - Tweaked the kernel task scheduler for improved system responsivness (Thanks to @Takaani for the suggestions)
    - Enabled, and adjusted, the backlight dimmer module
    - Shifted to @pkgnex own simplified and more than overall efficient IO block tuning tweak (You rock, dude!)
    - Disabled exception-trace kernel debugging logger
    - Tweaked the CFQ scheduler for massively improved IO throughput efficiency and system wide performance (this fixes the minor queueing issue that CFQ is known for)
    - Fully disabled all of the kernel snapshot modules
    - Tuned the Adreno 540 GPU into delivering better performance with "respect" toward battery consumption
    - Adjusted a very few minor kernel network tunables for better overall networking performance and efficiency
    - Cleaned up & edited a few parameter descriptions
    - Included a even newer output log message that is generated at each boot for the BlackenedMod script
    - Added a optimized tweak that hopefully reduces the battery drainage that is being caused by the screen
    - Some additional misc changes & improvements

    Merry Christmas, everyone, and enjoy! :)

    Note: It is recommended that you reboot your phone after you have applied v9.2 (New Year Eve Edition) so the changes / improvements takes full effect and is fully up & running as intended.

    Version 9.2 (New Year Eve Edition) changelog:
    - Enabled NAP power state for our Adreno 540 GPU's
    - Disabled discard_max_bytes for all of the IO blocks (this reduces overall UI jank and system stalling latencies)
    - Increased CPU_Input_Boost duration value to 133ms
    - Disabled a useless EDAC tunable at the CPU side
    - Added in, but commented out for general reasons, so you manually can enable the underclocking kernel module that have been featured on both Flash in the past as well on Caesium kernel now today directly within the script
    - Patched up a few very genuine typos (blame all of the frosty, but very tasty, Miller cold-filtered beers for this)

    Happy New Year, and enjoy, everyone! :)