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[MOD]Camera NX V7.4, Google Camera with Pixel features for Nexus2015

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Oct 19, 2016
Please update now, this is the only app that works wonders in my 2016 pixel, and correct the recording in slow motion at 240fps that goes wrong. Thanks
Be patient, he said it's coming soon! I used this on my Nexus 6P before it was replaced by Google with a Pixel XL, and I agree it works great, for slow motion I always use the stock app anyway so it's not a big issue to me. This app is very well done and stable, so even with the current version I'm happy with it (although RAW capture would be great).

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    Hello N6P users, I succeed in getting the ZSL HDR+ works on Nexus 5X, as Nexus 6P has the same camera hardware and better SoC, I'd like to ask someone test my mod, to see if the function works.

    What's ZSL HDR+?
    ZSL = zero shooting lag, means you won't get camera freeze after taking a HDR+ auto shoot. it is build-in the Google Camera 4.2 and only works on Pixel phones, now I force the app using Pixel configuration, it should perform the same ZSL HDR+ shooting on Nexus 6P.
    Details about the ZSL HDR+.

    ZSL-enhanced For 8.0+ only, ZSL HDR+ For 7.1.1+ only, Android 7.0 users please use NoZSL version.
    APK was signed by ZipSign using my own signature, it won't replace your default camera app, it will install as a normal app, with a different camera icon.

    Last Update

    03/24/2018 V7.4
    Base on Google Camera 5.2
    1. Bring back HDR+ on Nexus 5X/6P.
    2. Add Lens Blur mode.
    3. EIS should be back to normal on Pixel 1, as EIS will be disabled with 4K quality with official version.
    4. Active Google photos combination to view results again on enhanced version.
    Details and download link for V7.4

    01/02/2018 V7.3.1
    Bug fix version
    1. Fix abort HDR+ process FC problem.
    2. Fix viewfinder flickering issue.
    3. Add ZSL version for Android 7.1+, the previous one should be ZSL-enhanced version.
    1. smart-burst always mark the first photo (ZSL-enhanced version).
    2. Autofocus won't work after manually focus, need lock then unlock the AF/AE lock.

    12/31/2017 V7.3
    Current the new version is only for Android 8.0+, will release the updated version for Android 7.0.
    1. Add the most wanted feature, Portrait mode (use Pixel 2's front lens software method, it needs a human face shows up to work.).
    2. Remove silence feedback service, crash report service, and the broken Help menu, for faster app launch.
    3. Remove Google photos combination, motion photo still works but you need to view it through Google photos manually.
    I have named it wrong and this one should be the ZSL-enhanced version, sorry for the wrong package errors on Android 7.1.2 :eek:
    Details and download link for V7.3.1

    11/06/2017 V7.2.0
    This is bug fix version, not only for Pixel 2016, everyone who is using enhanced version should grab this update.
    1. Fix crash issue on Pixel 2016.
    2. Fix provider author name mistake leads to a thumbnail generation issue.
    3. Motion pictures should be saved with a file name "MVIMG-####-##" right now, it became "IMG-####-##" in V7.1 version, which was wrong, this might mess the G photos when index media files.
    Enhanced version users should get the experimental2017 library now.
    Sorry, after some more test it seems experimental2017 is not necessary, just install the new version it will be ok.
    About the Lens photo editor, it will be available after the picture upload to Google cloud.

    10/19/2017 V7.1.0
    1. Based on the last Google Camera 5.1.014, add Pixel 2016 phones support (need test).
    2. Video 60FPS mode with EIS FC bug Fixed.
    3. Motion photos for Pixel 2016 phones.
    4. Micro video (Motion photos) EIS use gyro sensor enabled for Pixel (it was only activated on Pixel XL), need feedback.
    5. Update icon support adapted icon and regular icon.
    6. Disable Motion photos and G-photo integration for Android 7.1.
    -- Now there is a new ZSL-enhanced version for Motion photos, G-photos combine, diet smart-burst on Android 8.x.
    -- NOZSL and ZSL version will perform the old way while added new face retouching.
    -- Bugs: after shooting photos, review it and you will see a black screen, need to wait for HDR+ process, I don't know it is normal or just hardware limited.
    Details and download link for V7.2 / V7.1 (All version)

    Useful links
    Custom Rom Black Screen Issue Fix:
    Please use the http://opengapps.org/ Open Gapps "Stock" Option or above. Or you can find the fix in N5X thread(See below).
    * 60FPS video recording succeed with @defcomg 's mod.
    Unlock 60FPS with this mod: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=70748865&postcount=161
    More Details of this mod, please go to the Nexus 5X thread

    Donation support
    If you like my work, feel free to buy me a coffee, https://www.paypal.me/chromloop . :highfive:

    Donation list::highfive:
    Jeffrey Dubinsky
    Jorge Ciprian
    Peter P Pizzimenti
    V7.4 Update is out.

    Base on Google Camera 5.2
    1. Bring back HDR+ on Nexus 5X/6P.
    2. Add Lens Blur mode.
    3. EIS should be back to normal on Pixel 1, as EIS will be disabled with 4K quality with official version.
    4. Active Google photos combination to view results again on enhanced version.
    Details and download link for V7.4
    So I tried this out for the first time recently on my 6P, and there was one issue that kept me from leaving my stock Google Camera app for this one. In the stock app when I take an HDR picture, I can see the picture as it's being processed. In this app I only see black until the processing is complete. When taking multiple pictures the problem is exacerbated, naturally, as I find myself staring at numerous black screens for quite a while as they each process.

    Is this the behavior of the app on Pixel devices, or is it just how the modded APK performs on non-Pixel devices like the 6P?

    Black screen bug could be fixed with a complicated method, which I don't suggest, it needs platform signature for the app to wake up google photo service.

    New version V7.3 won't have that issue as it disabled G-photos combination. get it here.

    Sorry for let you guys wait for a long time, Gcam 5.3 drops support for Nexus phones totally(HDR+ profile, common functions), I managed to make it works only in limited JPEG mode, but things does not go through with old method.

    Now I have a thought that maybe it will work with Pie, as custom Pie rom for Nexus 5X was out, I will give it a try.