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    @Tulsadiver is it possible to completely remove this new custom media play back in OOS13 and using stock android 13 music control widget?
    I don't know about OnePlus but Pixel phones on Android 13 cannot be modded at all, currently. Not by me, anyway. It's why im still on 12. I keep getting update warnings and eventually will be forced to go to 13.

    I don't know anything about your media play back control.
    First zip contains a Magisk modules contents, that's all..

    Namely SystemUI.apk.
    UPDATE: Please do not attempt to use the latest version with 15 it will break the UI.

    I need to update it to the lastest OPSystemUI.apk

    My apologies, If you do update and don't remove it, simply force a shut down then boot, then hold vol up and down and it'll enter safe mode, then once booted, just reboot and the system will show. Open Magisk and disable the centre clock mod until I can update it.

    UPDATE: working release, new link (mega)

    OP updated
    You can grab it from oxygen updater, but I'm currently uploading to my mega, will send the link when done mate.

    Sorry, it's been a bit of a mare, appreciate your help with this man.
    I'm currently downloading full ota from here... will this work?