[MOD] Convert your Chinese Wear OS to Global Wear OS

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New member
Dec 25, 2016
Hi all, really happy to see this on here-- been looking for it for about a year.

Does anyone know where i can find detailed instructions on how to do this conversion?? or a video on it??

Thanks in advance.


New member
Apr 12, 2021
I don't understand how they can do that, maybe they use the rom of a clock with a circular interface.


New member
Aug 4, 2021
If you bought your Android Wear devices in China, and decided to install Google on it without actually installing Global ROM, you are in the right place. This tool lets you convert your Chinese Wear OS ROM to a "Global ROM". It works by deleting the Chinese Wear OS locale file, and install Google Platy Store on your device.

Why should you use this way?
If your watch have different internals then the global version like my TicWatch Pro that I bought in China, the watch can install global ROM, but the global ROM don't have NFC support, and it is more lag then before. So I search for days and I found out this way.

Tested Devices
TicWatch Pro China Version
(More device testing coming soon, it should with any WearOS devices with custom recovery project.)


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If you are planning to make a video about this and post this mod, please don't do it. As I will be making it soon.

Telegram support group: http://t.me/tipzg
Does this method work with the TicWatch Pro 3 China Version? I currently live in China and I'm considering buying one,


New member
Nov 9, 2021
Hello there! I have a mi watch chinese version and I'm still looking for a solution. Any news? (Obs. The gapps's link in the #1 is crached)


Feb 4, 2020
Does it still work nowadays? I bought my Samsung Galaxy watch in China as well. It is a pure Chinese version, of course with an English UI, but most of the apps are Chinese, no Gapps. So if I make them global, will they still pair with my CN phone? Cuz I heard that if you wanna pair global version of the watch with a CN phone - it won't work.

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