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[MOD] Drivelink (Mirrorlink) Full Mirroring

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May 24, 2004
Hi Richard. Make sure your using a downloaded launcher like Nova, Apex or Go Launcher. I'm on same 4.11 as you and mine works fine using Nova launcher and Go launcher.


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Thanks Dan. Unfortunately I prefer some of the widgets on the stock launcher which the other launchers don't let you use for some reason.


Mar 24, 2008
Quick Question...

I have a toro (verizon galaxy nexus) running CM10-nightly 11/24/2012. I do not see tmserverapp, twframwork.jar, nor twframework-res in the CM10 file system. I am about to purchase an XAV-601BT and would like to see if i can get mirrorlink working.

Should I install both packages from the first post (TMserver12.zip and app.scm-1-j0ep0-v1.0.apk) or should i install another set of packages for testing?


Mar 24, 2008
Small chance that it will work. Use this file:... for TMServer and the Touchwhiz framework, then install the DriveLink APK (app.scm-1-j0ep0-v1.0.apk).

OK, I found a local best buy before i saw this post and installed the frameworkzip and app from post 1. Got the unrecognized usb error, then when i launched mirrorlink on the head unit i got a phone communication error.

I removed drivelink, flashed this zip and on reboot got an "upgrading android" message and it updated 21 files. Reinstalled Drivelink. I will stop in best buy tomorrow and try again. I may also bring the sony update wtih me on a usb drive.
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May 24, 2004
Well the screen time-out issue appears to have finally been fixed (took them long enough!) but thats about all I have noticed.

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Mar 9, 2009
I am not up to date, but in this version I can set every app I have installed as shortcut. I cannot test ist with the Headunit because I have none.
Can somebody try it?


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Dec 1, 2010
Got my Verizon note 2 yesterday. Works even better than the SGS3 did. Home button doesn't work though. Installing the new version posted a couple posts up. Will report back on that one.


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May 24, 2004
I am not up to date, but in this version I can set every app I have installed as shortcut. I cannot test ist with the Headunit because I have none.
Can somebody try it?

Unfortunately in the official app any unsupported shortcuts are ghosted out / hidden deliberately as soon as Drive Link is connected to a Head unit. Stupid I know. I've sent feedback via Samsung app support line about all the issues and limitations of Drive Link. I would recommend doing the same so that Samsung know that there are other people who want improvements.


New member
Sep 2, 2008
hello. I have GS3 Sprint L710, set Stock firmware 4.1.1. I want to use S3 with Sony 601 mirrorlink (now I have a negative result). Move to CM 10 do not want ... Please help me who has successful result?!

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May 24, 2004
Not seen any app updates in this thread for a while. Just wondering if development is still continuing or if it has been abandoned? Would love to see the latest version of Drive Link modified and of course the features mentioned on the main page added. I am still hoping to have TomTom mirrored onto my headunit and have the phone screen off when in use. :)
Thanks for the hard work so far.


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Jul 19, 2010
Like the idea of Drivelink, but even though it works on my Sony 701, it eats up the battery on my phone. Even with my screen set at the most dim setting the usb charge rate cant quiet keep up with the draw.
If I use the power button to put the screen to sleep, it stops updating the screen on the radio, or shows the home screen on the modified version of DriveLink.


Feb 15, 2008
Like the idea of Drivelink, but even though it works on my Sony 701, it eats up the battery on my phone. Even with my screen set at the most dim setting the usb charge rate cant quiet keep up with the draw.
If I use the power button to put the screen to sleep, it stops updating the screen on the radio, or shows the home screen on the modified version of DriveLink.

I saw this same thing. With Google Maps open and streaming music, my battery just keeps ticking down even though it's trying to charge via USB. There needs to be some way to turn off the screen. It has no use when I can see my phone's screen on the headunit anyway.


Aug 19, 2011
I am on T-Mobile t999 I am first going to root my phone, but when I try and use the TMserver I get an error. I am willing to pay to get this working as you guys are trying. Please let me know =)


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    j0ep0 and I are currently working to get the mirroring that we were promised working with Drivelink and the Galaxy S III. Currently we have mirroring working successfully but there are a few bugs with the Drivelink app getting wiped and restarted. Here is a list of everything so far:

    Full Mirroring without the drive link app resurfacing - Working (random restarts due to memory cleanup in android)
    Work with Any Launcher - Currently Nova and Apex work
    Reassigning the Home button -
    Bypassing the two warning Messages -
    Compatibility with Non-touchwiz Roms-
    Compatibility with Other Devices -
    Dim or turn off Phone screen when mirroring-
    Automatically go into launcher (minimizing drivelink) -

    Currently the setup we have is working for the following devices:
    GSM Galaxy S III
    CDMA Galaxy S III (No Data)

    If it is working on your device please post, or PM me with the Following:
    Phone Model
    Any Bugs
    Rom/Kernel (If custom)

    Installation Instructions:
    Go into Settings and Enable "Install from Unknown sources"
    Install the APK and run it.
    Plug into your head unit and pray.
    This method has worked for some (including myself) and not for others.
    It will give you the standard Drivelink app and 
    no custom code by us, you need root for that.
    Rooted users:
    Download the TMServer zip to your Phone
    Reboot into recovery and install (Like a ROM)
    No need to wipe anything, you're just replacing 
    a system APK which is why you need root.
    Install the Drivelink APK after enabling Unknown sources.
    Run the Drivelink app and plug your phone into the head unit,
    After accepting prompts you should see the drive link app.

    There are several ways to get to your stock home screen but the easiest for me is to hold your home button down the bring up task manager, Click on another open app, when it opens hit the home button and viola, you're at your home screen. We are trying to find a way to bypass this but drivelink puts the phone into car mode and that disables the home button. Car mode is required to get the audio to route correctly to the head unit.

    Here are the Links:
    TM Server- Must be flashed in a custom recovery:

    Drivelink- Remove all versions, allow unknown sources and install this apk:

    Both j0ep0 and myself have full time jobs and families so we are working very hard to get this working on our own time. So please be patient. We will get this working fully!

    Nice description write up by Olywa123, Thanks

    What is it
    Drivelink is Samsung's application used to facilitate ‘Mirrorlink’ connectivity with supported car headunits. Currently their are several aftermarket car stereos by Sony, Alpine, and JVC that support this technology. The majority of users here have the Sony XAV-601BT headunit but it is believed the protocol for connection is the same for each. This standard is known as Mirrorlink (formerly Terminal Mode) and uses the VNC RFB3.8 protocol allowing for two-way communication between the smartphone and headunit over a usb connection for both display duplication and key-inputs and uses Bluetooth A2DP for Audio.

    The following videos best provide a summary of this technology
    Mirrorlink Overview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWNpK...eature=related
    Example of MirrorLink on XAV-601BT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsT1l8bLOfU (shows Nokia and Samsung phone support)
    Example of Drivelink App: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHVmogapY9U

    Why The Drive Link App needs Modification
    Although Samsung have released the Drivelink application, this is not only very limited but also compatible only with the Galaxy SIII currently. It provides a ‘dashboard’ interface allowing for the use of only stock Music, Phone and Navigation (limited to Google maps) functionality. You cannot get back to your phones home screen or run any other apps while Drivelink is running/mirrored on the headunit and killing Drivelink kills the interface meaning the stereo no longer sees and mirrors the phones display. This appears to be a restriction coded into the Drivelink software as the video above shows that the Nokia interface allows for full phone control in addition to just the Nokia released Mirrorlink app on Symbian (Car Mode).
    Full Mirroring is ready and fully functional.
    APK will be available soon
    mirror link update

    Look I found on Sony website.
    Hi All,

    After a long battle I managed to get a reply from the Samsung Drive Link development team on some questions I had regarding the issues with this app. Thought I would post here so that everyone can see the responses so far. I have since replied back to this for further clarification on some of the answers.

    1. The Drive Link application has a background task which prevents the phone from switching off the screen EVEN when *NOT* using or running Drive Link on the phone. i.e. everyday use of the phone the screen fails to turn off the screen after the pre-set time limit. Killing the Drive Link background task temporarily or uninstalling the app is the only way to fix this. Not good!

    [Drive Link team] This issue is already fixed. Would you check version 1.1.026 from samsung app store?

    2. When running Drive Link hooked up to a MirrorLink compatible head unit the application keeps the screen on the phone. If you are using MirrorLink to display the phone on the car dashboard headunit screen you do NOT want the phone screen to be on for a number of critical reasons. The first being that the phone screen can be easily touched by accident when it is stowed in my arm rest for example. The second is that with the screen on constantly the power consumption and heat generated by the phone is very high! In some cases my phone has locked up and overheated forcing me to hard reset the phone during navigation.

    [Drive Link team] In Jelly Bean, screen update is not supported when screen is turned off, so we determined not to turn off screen. It is temporary solution. To solve this issue, we need change of android platform. Unfortunately, current android platform can't support it.

    3. The volume setting within the Drive Link application is forgotten about when you next start the application. The default volume (half) is far too low for my car speakers and I have to go through all the menus each time I use drive link to increase the volume. It should remember what volume level you left it on the previous time it was used, not reset it back to the default of half.

    [Drive Link team] In mirrorlink mode(this means that smart phone is connected to head unit), whenever smart phone is connected to head unit, volume is setted as 50%. We will change volume policy. First time volume is setted as 50%, from next time volume is setted as previous value. This change will be included in next binary release.

    4. Functionality needs to be added to allow music to be played from the MAIN headunit whilst MirrorLink is running. It does not make sense to only be able to play music from your phone. I have all my music on a very large USB key permanently attached to my Alpine ICS-X8 head unit, I do not want to have to keep a second copy of all that music on my phone too! The Nokia Drive application allows this for Nokia phones via an API I am told by Alpine support. This allows you to control and play music from the main head unit
    which is better than playing it from the phone.

    [Drive Link team] As I know, implementing this concept needs long time. We need more time.

    5. Functionality needs to be added for a full application "Mirror Mode" like on Nokia Drive. This lets you mirror the entire phone or ANY application on the car headunit screen. This way it doesn't limit you to specific applications.

    [Drive Link team] This is concept that is requested by head unit company.

    6. Need application support for Sat Nav software such as TomTom, CoPilot or Sygic, iGo, etc. Not just the standard Google Navigator which is very limited.

    [Drive Link team] You're right. But we don't know package name of all navigation application. If you let me know package name of navigation application, I can permit to use navigation application you recommended.


    Should you require any further information don’t hesitate to contact us further regarding this.

    You can also contact the drivelink team directly regarding this via; using the “Email seller” function that exists at the application details page on Samsung Apps.

    Hope this is useful. I will post further responses once I receive them if people are interested.
    Drive Link works on CM10, but the screen mirroring app doesn't.