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Faheem anjum

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Dec 8, 2009
Hello every one .
Easy Firmware team proudly presents
The new site for root files WHICH SUPPORT ANY ANDORID VER FOR NOW
mod edit: xxxx
mod edit: xxxx Manager application
The site will be the source of root files in the GSM world
and it is free for everyone
It contains root files for all models and protections and if any new protection is released or new software is built, its root file will be uploaded directly!
mod edit: xxxx root provides full root access without problems
File sizes are between 7MB and 50MB
The download is free regardless of the number and size of files
Also the site allows you to report any file inside the site through the report button and also you can request a new file if it is not available through the site
The flashing process is done exclusively through the on-site tool
mod edit: xxxx Root Supports :
All models of Samsung devices, including exclusive models such as
A51 and M315F etc ...
The site contains mod edit: xxxx manager app to manage the root access and also to install any external addsons for the phone (such as pupg hacks etc.)
You can download files from the official website
mod edit: xxxxx
And through Google Play
You can download root manager app
mod edit: xxxx…
Video For Website
mod edit: xxxx
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May 1, 2018
Has anyone tried this? I hope i don't regret it. By the way, your .exe file is rejected as a virus when attempting to download it.


Tried it on SM-A207M, A20s

Does not work at all. Immediate boot.img fail

Was this tested?
I used Jamaica firmware as it matched one of the three file options. A207MUBU2ATC4. It also was ther most recent for Android 9. The wallpaper is horrific. Anyway, please fix this or at least test it before people assume it's working as you suggest. It's not.
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Apr 21, 2017
SM-N910P worked perfectly

Already had my Note 4 (SM-N910P) rooted, but wanted to give this a try....,it worked perfectly. Only have one suggestion with the verbage the .exe will use in regards to what mode to reboot the phone into. The .exe has Reboot into Recovery which isn't correct for Samsung phones, so I clicked vol - to highlight reboot to bootloader, then clicked power button, as soon as the phone went to download mode the xxxx software did its thing and rooted the phone,
I do have a question in regards to the .apk file. After loading it does a root check and shows Not Rooted within the xxxx app itself (even though my phone was still rooted. So I uninstalled root, opened the xxxx again and yes still shows not rooted which now would be correct. Then rooted using xxxx recovery file download and went through the process, this is where I noticed the use of Recovery vs Download modes. First using adb reboot recovery... nothing I used vol - & then power to reboot to bootloader.... booooyaaaaa! Very smooth, superb work to anyone that helped put this tool together.

PimpinAintEasy ItJustAint
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Dec 22, 2018
Samsung Galaxy J6+
Samsung Galaxy M31
My Internet Security already blocked the download due to some HTTP content on the xxxx website. Later when I checked the download tool - 2 different anti virus complained about a Trojan in the file. Sorry, too risky for me.
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