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[MOD][FIX][SENSE4][FINAL]Beats, SRS, Dolby and more EQ presets

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Retired Forum Moderator
Jul 22, 2011
can OP or anyone tell me what files are tied to beats? I'm trying to port beats to the HTC amaze which has ICS and sense 3.6 and is basically the same phone as the sensation ( minus the better camera of course).. any help you offer is greatly appreciated :)

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Framework.jar, the 3 HTC music related apk's, audio config in /etc folder and the libs :)

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Senior Member
Mar 7, 2011
Dolby makes beats sound like garbage. Great mod tho, I was using poweramp, and I just uninstalled it because this sounds so good with HTC music player.

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    edit 05/23/12: Don't use it, it's for old base! new version is include in new sense 4 Roms


    Here is final version of my sound enhancer fix, witch include Beats, SRS, Dolby, and more EQ presets. All effect are from HTC standard libs, basically it's Sense 3.6's effects ported to Sense 4.
    Effect are SYSTEM WIDE, i.e. ALL apps are affected, not only music player. I think it also affect ringtones and voice call but I haven't tested yet.
    Here is screenshots:

    To Dev: feel free to include it in your rom but give me credits, I have put lots of time on it.
    @ nono2lozere: great job.
    but can u please check the zip file again ?..
    there is a system folder inside another system folder.
    so it might not be working for the people flashing directly from here..
    not sure if it still worked. I'm happy to correct myself if i'm wrong & i'm sorry

    Yes you are right. will fix it now.
    thx...good job

    anyone teste and report?

    works perfect
    working on sense 3.6?

    basically it's Sense 3.6's effects ported to Sense 4
    So you already have it.